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boot sizes

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hey jeff: i have a few pairs of old ski boots used by my kids. the only problem is none have sizes marked on them. there are nordicas'& a pair of heads'. they have what appears to be the base length in raised lettering near the sole; 221mm, 242mm, 272mm and 292mm. is there a conversion chart somewhere on the net that can give me the US size equivalents? thx
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If they are similar to most boot's and last's

Men's sizes,

292 is probably about size 7-7.5 or mondo 25/25.5

272 is probably about size 5--5.5 or Mondo 23/23.5

Smaller than that, I would think we get into children's sizes

and I don't work enough with children's boots to have an idea.

Usually the MFG will have a list or listing somewhere.

Salomon Used to have a "mondo to sole length" listed on their website but I don't know if it's still there.
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