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Exit 145,

Thanks for the explanation! I just learned something (which happens everytime I get on this forum ).

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Exit 154,

Do you remember a very whiney line, I think it was from an old TV show, perhaps maybe even the name of the show itself..."Car 54...Where are you ?"

Now I have discovered the answer.......
AT Exit 154

Sorry...Couldn't resist ....Ok,Ok...I didn't want to resist.

Philth- read Exit 154's Aug 22 10:28 AM post regarding what skiing meant to the 10 th Mountain Division.

I want that uplifting free skiing experience for as long as I am physically able.It is something that I want to be able to look forward to and enjoy for many seasons to come. If that means groomers now, so I can ski intermediate groomers later, so be it.

Ultimately, it is about Happy Skiing... isn't it ?

Of course it is !!!
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I'm trying to find a couple of articles I've read in the past that showed proper strengthening of legs, gluts, abs and back along with massage therapy, provided better long term results than chiro visits.

One in particular went into great details on massage therapy versus chiros. if I can dig them up I'll pass them along. I've had a lot better personal experience with massage than the back cracking.
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Exit, I would be really interested in hearing more about the 10th Mountain Division. Great topic for a separate thread.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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The 10th Mt. Division- Americas first division of soldiers trained in Mountain warfare. At the time of it's formation the division represented the best and brightest skiers in the country. They did see combat in Europe late in WWII, with a high casualty rate. There is a museum in Vail. And a quick search of Google under "10th Mountain Division", will give you many online resources....

The 10th Mt. Division topic is certainly deserving of it's own thread. I can tell you that of the handful of members that were still around and skiing in our club when I was in my early teens were inspiring to say the least. Mountaineers, outdoorsmen and dedicated skiers. My role models then....And now...

Many of the original members of the Div. are still skiing today. Every time I ski Summit County Colorado I see a handful out on the slopes....They're not hard to miss....

I'm sure some of the (ahem), senior members of this forum can expand on this topic as well........
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I would have to agree with Gonzo for the most part. I have friends that use chiro's but all the chiro's they use also have other training and do not claim spine alignment is everything, just one part. "Adjustments" for them are only one tool they use. It's like our discussion on skiing. Lot's of tools. the more tools the better. In medicine sometimes a placebo is the best med.. Just be aware of anyone that says "I an fix anything with a spine alignment"
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Of course it's about happy skiing, but skiing at 50 or 75% is not going to make a lot of people happy. You don't have to hit the biggest kicker or drop huge air to be happy skiing, but if all you do is cruise around and never push yourself then I think you're missing a lot of what the sport offers.
Find out what you're capable of and then, at least occasionally, go to that limit. There's no point in saving yourself for skiing that you may or may not be able to do in the future. And since it's a certainty that you're not going to be able to really rip bumps or drop air at 70, I say get it done while you can.
Besides, bumps, air, and pow are a hell of a lot more fun than conserving yourself for groomers at some future date. And that's how to achieve happy skiing, IMO.
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Bump for oldest thread in the General Skiing Discussion turning 9 years old.


Also I think chiropractic work combined with following their suggestions (good posture) is certainly beneficial for skiing. I strengthens your central back and abdominal muscles and can help your skiing.

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