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Ski Length question

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I am about to purchase a new set of skis. Leaning towards Atomic Metrons. The Metron 7 or 9 in next years models. My local resort is offering 30% off next years model if ordered by May.

I weigh 165 and am 5-7 Age 56. I am a level 6 skier and do mostly groomers, but plan to venture off piste on occasion. According to Atomic's sizing system, I should go with the 158 length. I demoed a metron 7 in the 164 length and it felt good, but slightly more work to turn than my K2 escape 5500s which are 160s. What would the right length be for me?

Also would the 7 or the 9 be a better choice? The 7 is definitly a better feeling ski than my K2.
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I'm a little older and a little smaller than you, level 6-7. I spent this season om m-9's in 150 and loved them . Should have had the 158 but found the 150's for dirt cheap on ebay. Get the m-9 in 158. You'll smile. And I can't imagine anything less work to turn with a little modern technique.
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