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Good boot shop in the NYC area?

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Anyone know of a good boot shop in the NYC area? My Langes are getting pretty old now, and I want to start looking for a new pair. Since my boots last me pretty long (these have for 10 years) I'd like to find a place with a large variety of boots to try on, ideally 2005/2006 season boots so I can get em cheap, I don't need cream of the crop, most advanced technology. I don't have any foot issues and my Langes have always fit me pretty damn well and are very comfortable(hence the reason of never getting new boots) so I don't think I need a fancy boot fitter. A shop that sells Lange is a MUST, as I love my current boot, but since they've become old and I have gained weight (got the boots when I was 15) and considerable leg strength, I think my skiing would benefit from a new boot.


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You can try Paragon at 17th and Broadway, if they haven;t closed down their ski shop for the season. I believe they sell Lange and have a boot fitter on staff. bought a pair for my GF a couple of years ago.

if you like your boots so much, can you get a replacement liner or footbed? i imagine that your liner must be packed out.
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I've only seen Lange at Paragons and a place called Ski Barn on Rt. 17 in NJ, may be a bit hard to get to with a car...

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How else would you get to Ski Barn that is easier than a car????...maybe cross sountry skis or inline skates!:
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I haven't been there in about four years but Scandinavian Ski Shop used to have a full line of Lange boots and did a pretty good fitting job.
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Try Scandinavian Ski shop. They should have a sale now. I believe Paragon may have shelved their inventory to make room for bicycles. One of the problems is that there is so little room in NY that they put the winter stuff away early.

Also, you can get to Sno Haus on LI (I think there is one in Huntington) by LIRR. Call to see if they have what you are looking for. I think they may carry Lange.

There is also Princeton on E 22nd. Again, I would call ahead.
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Mount Everest in Westwood NJ and Nanuet NY. Their annual sale should be on right now, but I doubt a lot of boots are still there.

The other one is in Ramsey, on 17. I cannot remember the name. They sell mountaineering/camping gears as well as skis.

Frankly, no matter Paragon, Princeton or any shops above have a lot of good boot fitters. Compared to the big stores in the West or in the Western Resort. I was never shell fitted by those boot fitter in the NY-NJ stores, until I went to Whistler Village. Neither I have heard of Custom Insoles, they do not even have the machines.
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I meant the ski shops in NY NJ do not have many good boot fitters. How come I cannot edit the postings any more?
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Greg at Heino's on Route 23 in Wayne is great with boots. The kicker in NYC I guess is if your have a car.

George may or may not be at Mt. Everest.
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Not to be anti-helpful, but if you can AVOID paragon at Union Square, do so at all costs. The place is like a meat-market, and the staff is highly motivated to upsell because they are paid straight commission, and are often extremely rushed in helping because the place is so busy all of the time. I've purchased my tennis equiptment from them and was truly dissapointed in the service. Unfortunately, for ski gear in the city, they have a true monopoly. If you can, I would suggest bumming a ride from someone with a car to a legitimate ski shop outside NYC.. perhaps the ski barn in NJ.
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I used to work near ski barn(Paramus), they have really good choices, all volkls any size, all spyders for example. But they are really expensive, rarly discount any thing. As a result I always try Princeton or Mt. Everest before ski barn.
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Originally Posted by Ltack18
I haven't been there in about four years but Scandinavian Ski Shop used to have a full line of Lange boots and did a pretty good fitting job.
I'm gonna try Scandanavian. Hopefully they don't close in the off season.
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Since your boots are the most important piece of equipment, I disagree with those who would encourage you to shop in this manner.

Get to a reputable bootfitter. Lange, and all manufacturers have changed in 10 years and so have you. It doesn't cost extra to have an expert measure your feet and make suggestions, and could actually save you money in the long run.
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to the original post originator-unless you are pressed for time, do yourself a favor and forget about the NYC shops altogether. I don;t think any of them can do a better job than any of the shops close to the real mountains. I only mentioned Paragon because you were looking for Langes in NYC.

to buy boots the right way can be a time consuming process of trial and error if you have problem feet. the boots will never fit as well on the slope as they might in the shop. you need to ski in them and give them feedback if you need to fix them. I would suggest you get your boots fitted over the course of a couple of weekdays or a weeklong trip.
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