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Neox Bindings Q...

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So what is the difference between the Atomic Neox 412 and the 612 (besides price)? I went on Atomic's website and it doesn't tell you a thing.

Thanks in advance!
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I think you mean the Neox 412 vs. the Neox 614.

I believe the 614 is more of a high performance binding. It has a higher DIN range (from 6 to 14) while the 412 ranges from 4 to 12. I believe it's also a heavier binding (in terms of weight on the ski - matters mostly when carrying your skis). Unless you are a real big person (more than 245 ponds I think) or you are a racer that requires a higher DIN, the 412 should be sufficient for most skiers' needs.
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Thanks. I meant the 614.
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412 goes from DIN 4 to 12. 614 goes from 6 to 14. Those are the only differences.
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