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"The Hit List"

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Do you know this film (MSP) ? Is it worth buying it??
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I enjoy it
The remix that comes with it is pretty sick too
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Yes, it's a really good flick. Great soundtrack too.
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I like the Re-Mix version of the Hit-list. Its good Ski Porn.
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Great music and pretty good movie in all..
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thank you for your opinion!! I´ve ordered it today ;-)
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High quality production and skiing. The international aspect creates a nice 'vibe'. Mike Douglas and Ingrid Backstrom both have fun with avalanches, if I remember correctly.
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I think the remix disc on this is the best ski movie to date. Less talk, more skiing.

Pep's Russian segment on this is something to remember. I thought he was just a park rat until I saw it. That kid's the real deal.
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