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Originally Posted by GregGaspar
On the Plumber thing. I have plumbed two homes--zero training. With training, I am sure this would be a great move. I remodeld my master bath last spring---becasue of the baby crunch, I hired a plumber to do the rough in. Young guy--30+---advises he made 100k last year, working in jeans and 4 days a week. He works for his father and they only take "clean" plumbing jobs---such as minor remodels. I asked him how much he would charge to set my new pedesal sink and set the faucet. $350.00 with a straight face was the response. If he said $100.00 I would have hired him. Again, Kid Crunch and we were painting etc--you know. I came home at 6pm and by 8:30pm I had water running. And I know I spent 20 minutes looking for tools--maybe 40.
Alot of plumbing is simple brain dead common sense stuff. Just make sure your drain connections are air tight and you have the trap installed correctly. Sewer gasses contain H2S and will kill you in your sleep.
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Go for it Greg! I'm also lucky enough to have a wife who shared that dream - heck in fact she's the one who came up with the idea. I came up with the half-a$$ed plan to make it work. Three and a half months later, we had a place in Colorado, she opened up her business, and we've been somehow making it work. Here we are in a ski town. Broke but happier than we've ever been. Juggling multiple part-time jobs and changing the details of work expectations (her business may merge into another studio, I'm consulting for the employer I quit via telecommuting, she's doing freelance writing, and whatever else comes up.) If you want the move for the lifestyle change and quality, somehow you'll make it work.

If you are considering Canada, per the earlier posts, be sure you check out Canada Immigration and Custom's "coming to Canada" website. Moving to Canada as a permanent resident (legally) isn't as easy as just picking up and going there. It's a multi-year process with some specific requirements. I seriously considered it in 2003-2004 before Lisamarie came up with the Rocky Mtn move idea.

Look into both the regular immigration path as a Skilled Worker, which involves you and your spouse being scored on a scale based on language skills, education, age, etc. (you can score yourself right on their website) and also the "Provincial Nomination" process - certain provinces have needs for particular job skills and can expedite immigration if you commit to moving to that province. You have a moral (though not necessarily a legal) obligation to live and work in the province for a certain amount of time. It's not just "pick up and decide to move to Canada" - you have to jump through a certain number of hoops to get admitted as a "landed immigrant" - though it's a heck of a lot easier than for residents of other countries to get legally admitted to the US!

If your job skills are one of a limited specific list, you might qualify under NAFTA to live and work in Canada, if you actually have a job offer from a firm there. Not all professions qualify. For example, in my case, I could not work in Canada as a computer programmer - but I could under NAFTA as a Systems Analyst. Since I now consult as a Systems Analyst, jobs in that field would in theory be open to me. And in fact as a "Plan B" (or maybe a Plan C or D) I still have an active resume in that field on Workopolis.ca in case something interesting comes up in Vancouver.
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