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Comparing different skiing styles....

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Located some PSIA skiing for those that want to check it out.

Here's the opportunity to compare against other national organizations. Feel free to make any sort of comments whatsoever.

Italians: http://www.amsao.it
CSIA: http://www.snowpro.com/photogallery/videogallery_e.html
USSA: http://www.v1sports.com/academy/ussa/default.asp
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Too bad PMTS doesn't have something similar to also compare
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What I notice from the PMTS skiing is the level crossing off HH's hips. Stretched leg in the middle toward the bottom of the turn.
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Watch the wedge turn videos. I was surprised by the amount of vertical motion in the canadian and italian systems vs psia.

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Nice videos, thanks BigE.

I still have a preference for CSIA. I just like their emphasis on absorbtion at the end of the turn. It just looks good to me.

I also like PMTS, but in my opinion, the difference from CSIA is very subtle and it comes down to personal style and preference. There is no way one can honestly sit here and preach for either system. Clearly, fantastic skiers can be developed with either system. Pick and choose what you like and learn from everyone. At the upper end it makes little difference.

I am still on the fence about PSIA. I think PSIA is trying too hard to eliminate any vertical motion and the result is a stiffer, taller stance that may be efficient but is less pleasing (for me).
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Hey Tom..keep digging. There are huge differences between CSIA and PMTS.
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Well the Italian skiing is still all about the "up" move, but they sure looked like they were having fun. The CSIA stuff looks smooth and dynamic - very similar to the PMTS stuff.

It might just be me, but much of the skiing in many of the PSIA videos just feels contrived - kind of "plastic" - like "I'm supposed to be in this position at this point in the turn, now I'm supposed to be in this position, hold it - let me check my left hand, uh oh it's an inch off", etc.

I'd like to say that what I found so refreshing in Nick Herrin's skiing at ESA this season was that he totally looked like he was having a blast with every turn. He definitely had a style all his own, but he certainly didn't look plastic. The other PSIA videos seem to encourage a very "static" body position - they just don't look all that comfortable or like they're having fun. Maybe it's just something about them knowing they're being video taped - they probably don't look like this when they're free skiing (at least I hope not).
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