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A couple of months ago I saw "fk opec" on a hybrid taking the exit towards
Microsoft. :

Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
All taken...back to the drawing board.


Side note, I saw a plate that was 00OO00O or some combination of Oh's and zeros. I am surprised it got approved
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I used to have SKI 2LL (ski parallel) but it was too obscure. People thought it was "ski tool."

Now my Passat AWD wagon has VW SKIER.
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My tags: CAPBOY

go figure.
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my honda element
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Because we do a lot of night skiing here and it's hard for me to stop skiing when I start:


Always gotta beg the lift operator for one more run!
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buts that due to my best golf score........but some think I have something against Pittsburgh Penguin great Mario Lemieux
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Originally Posted by carbonissimo
How can you afford a car like that but can't afford to leave Florida? Are you in the narcotics trade?
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Originally Posted by telerod15
How can you afford a car like that but can't afford to leave Florida? Are you in the narcotics trade?
Probably after the payments on the pawrsha and the insurance, he can't afford nuttin.
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Originally Posted by Stache
Probably after the payments on the pawrsha and the insurance, he can't afford nuttin.
I was just kidding of course, I'm sure there are good reasons to live in Florida but I couldn't find a hill or snow when I lived there. There was a steep grassy man made slope at a highway interchange that we sledded down on pieces of cardboard.
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Roger that telerod15.
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I didn't notice the park city part of your location. I bet you have no problem finding snow at either address .
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Maybe I can scrape up enough for a lesson.
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A few more to add to the list...

I just ordered my new plate....TYM2SKI, but I came up with a few more in the process.


Have a Great Day!
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ISKI2 is mine. I have seen:

I had to roll my window down in Denver (When I lived there in 2001) for the question: "You ski in Alabama?". And I replied, "Yes, we have one hill... why do you think I am here??"
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I have a 91 300 ZX. The plates are: ZKI PWDR
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-POWDR- I think that would be a sick plate.
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Mine is WHTMT. For the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I've had it since 1973.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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Nice whtmt!

My sister barely graduated Plymouth State.:

Used to Ski-93 in the late 60's.
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Carbonissimo: I teach at Loon's disabled ski school. I graduated from PSC in 77. Never wanted to leave, so I didn't.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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Small world.
She graduated in 77.
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Wife's new tag

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Just saw a good one, not ski related:

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i love mine, TWINTIP
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Mine was Mr Ski but I let it expire. I travel through Buffalo & all the Polish drivers would Honk their horn & throw me a thumbs up.
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The road from Vancouver to Whistler is called the Sea to Sky highway (though the locals have some more creative names for it...), I figure in the last 19 years I've clocked approx. 95,000 miles driving from Seattle to Whistler (and had two cars totaled along the way). My currant plate is:

A few years ago when I was living in Oregon I had:

Someone in Washington has Sea2Sky, anyone here?
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Mine is K7XP...My ham call.
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colorado Plates

Here is my plate.It even comes with a little graphic of a commando ski dude.

Colorado Revised Statute 42-3-207
Issued to anyone who desires to display this commemorative plate recognizing the men from the 10th Mountain Division who fought in the Italian campaign of 1945. Issued to passenger, light truck, recreational truck, farm truck or motorhome. An additional one-time fee of $25.00 is charged in addition to the normal registration and license fees.
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The state cashed my check, I just don't know which plate I am getting now.
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