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License Plates

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Vanity license plates might not be the best use of money, but it shows some spirit when you are on the road. I wanted to get SKI, SNOW or SNOWMAN, but I just got the rights to the "SKIER" plate here in Nevada after someone let their registration lapse.

What plates do you have? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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TNK SNO.....on the NY " Ski It To Believe It " plate
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Since I just toasted my ACL, my friends said I should get X-SKIER. This is about a quintuple entendre with the most obvious being an ex-skier, an x-games skier, a pro-porn skier and the list goes on.

There is a local here in Vegas that has 1STRAX...
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Wisconsin: SLATZ Fiat X 1/9 http://www.forza-mm.com/slatz

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Mine isn't snow related, but it says PHT PHT.

Some say I'm catty. Meow.
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Mine aren't snow related either FLI355, FLI - fast and 355 is the engine capacity in cubic inches of the 304ci holden V8 once you bore and stroke it.

was thinking of getting SNO355 plates soon.

How much do you pay for custom plates in the states i assume it'd be different in each state but roughly?
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A ski coach friend of mine who flys a T 34 Mentor with the Warbirds has flyT34 as his e mail address.
Come to think of it, that's his license plate too.

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I have 96M on my Miata. I always wanted a ski based plate like:

BAMF (Bumps Are More Fun or Be A Mogul Freak)
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My Subaru's plate is GOT SNO
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Mine is TELEMRK.

I get a heck of a lot of people that think I'm the guy calling them up in the middle of dinner every night. That or they think I work for the phone company and my name is Mark.
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My lp bracket says, When hell freezes over I'll ski there to.
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Mine say "PGAPSIA" for my two professional organizations. I flipped a coin to see who got top billing-not really-actually the order reflects income potential.
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I saw a plate last week that read "GDAYM8" and sure enough there was an Aussie flag medallion on the bumper.
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My plate say 371 zyz. I don't think it means anything.
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My plate cost a whopping $25. :
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thats cheap. mine cost me $180 outright, if you want custon i.e 6 letters like yours it's $370 a year. In other states it can be up to $3000 outright.
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Looks like there are advantages to living in Iowa.
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Oh, Bonni, that was an H not an M, sorry, I misread it the first time.


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Mine is SKINDIVE. My ski friends see ski n dive. My diving friends just see skindive. Works both ways. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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E 795 SCS

Again, not sure if it has any meaning other than the fact that I have an old car.
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Well, there's a story behind mine. It's deep and meaningful. Just study it carefully, and you should see what I mean. I think, in a sense, it sums up my philosophy...

HKZ 8747

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I used to have K2 SKIER, but I don't use K2's anymore so I let it expire.
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I change my plates every time I renew(every 2 years) to help out different organizations. I have had NY Ski Areas, and NSP plates.

Have had: Ski SL (my initials and slalom), 2SKIII ( one time I parked in the wrong spot, and they announced, 2 SK the third..), and now....

I have NOW SKI because someone has SNOW SKI. I had taped an "S" to make it look like snow ski...and then a Sheriff followed me home one day in October from Albany to Newburgh after first day at Kilington. Stopped me finally...imagine going the speed limit for a whole hour and a half!!!

Had to take the taped letter off. Boo hoo...
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I've got a couple in mind but not sure which.
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my vote is for:

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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
my vote is for:



Too many letters, but you get the idea.
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I hear you JD I just thought they were cool names, but you know my vote goes to gonzo.
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car as personality?

why not just get a bunch of skiers painted on the side of your car/truck/van/horse/motorcycle?
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
car as personality?

why not just get a bunch of skiers painted on the side of your car/truck/van/horse/motorcycle?
Or even better , buy a Rolls Royce and change the winged Victory for a Schussing Skier :

In my country there are no vanity plates but sometime luck will do it :
one very mean looking , low sports car had a issued plate that was
and of course he painted JAMES on top of it
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