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Giants Home Opener

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Today is the day that baseball really starts here. Giants home opener. I am stuck at work and I'm sure many of you are too, BUT our hearts are at the ballpark!!!!!

Welcome to the Baseball season all you fans, except Dodgers of course!:
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Originally Posted by ryan
Ryan, I heard that they took it down yesterday. Last night listening to the Sandiego game on the radio with the A's on the tele muted of course. When will the Giants get a CLOSER? Oh and Barry Who????
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Ryan -

Do you want him traded to the Red Sox or Angels?
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Eff Barry Effing Bonds.

'Sides, he couldn't bust the lineup. I am enjoying seeing some clips of the much younger Barry, all 175 pounds of him, breaking in with the Pirates back when. Skinny kid driving balls out the other way. That speed. Makes me wonder what kind of career numbers Eric Davis might've put up had he stayed healthy.

barry, pre-protein:



Back to The Sox...Nice to see Papelbon slamming doors shut already. Dude throws schmoke. Helps to be able to bounce him and Foulke off each other.
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He put on weight because of steroids? I thought it was from eating at all the great restaurants in SF (though you probably can't find a good serving of scrapple there like you can in Pittsburg.)
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When you say Pittsburgh, you sound the call of the Laurel Hill Crazy Bird (Thrushus Springhillius), a thing with wings who'll chime in from time to time with his highly unpredictable warbling on all things Major League Baseball.

Shhhh, let's hide in the bushes and see if we're treated to a sighting of the Black-and-Gold-billed Laurel Hill Crazy Bird, as well as the sweet sound of his Baseball song, oftentimes mistaken for a tape loop.
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