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Vot ze hell is up vith you gapers in SUVs?

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For ze past month I hef had to deal vith all ze friggin gapers in SUVs zat cannot drive in snow or wet roads.

Zey get in my vay und make Arnie very very mad. If you are gaper and you drive SUV I vill kill you.

Luv and Kisses

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Why don't you drive over them in your tank?
Alternatively, if you can get close enough, just swing your gun into the side of them, they'll just roll out of the way for you

Have you changed your tank paint job since you got it, or is it still the same Austiran Army grey?

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this coming from a guy who endorses the hummer.
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i endorse some types of hummers, but only if i'm on the receiving end.
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Ahhhhhnold, just flatten 'em. I won't object. The fewer the number of poseurs & gapers, the better for me too.

Blanket reminder to all Bears: an SUV will NOT save your butt in bad driving conditions. Driving skill will!!

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Me being serious!

Good point Gonzo, I mean we spend a lot of time discussing taking skiing lessons to improve our abilities, yet think that once we've got out drivers licence we can do as we please.
If any of you are interested in improving your driving, take a look at this site:
Institute of Advanced Motorists

I did my advanced driving test with them 13 years ago. I may not be a perfect driver, but I am more aware than I was of what is going on when on the road.

End of me being serious. I shall now return to my usual flippant self.

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hey ahhnood,we've missed you, welcome back! Are you having any trouble these days travelling with all those concealed knives, guns and various explosives?
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Didn't you hear?
He just bought the tank that he did his military service in from the Austrian army.

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The only thing worse are all the toothless mullet heads driving those TRDs.

Get a job.

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BRAVO! ... BRAVO!! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Glad to see Arnold's back!!

My wife saw a brand new Hummer stuck in the lot on Sunday. A little Nissan truck was pulling it out. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

Arnold, I've been keeping a list of SUV idiots encountered on the road up the hill. Will gladly pass those along for Termination next time you are in Sun Valley.
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Anybody see on the news about the snowstorm in the South? These people don't have a clue how to drive in this crap. But, these are the same people who go skiing in the big mountains of the West just to drive like crap and wreck everybody and tie up traffic for hours comming and going from the Resorts.

Ahhnold, You have my permission. :
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Bad driving seems to reaching all over.

Monday good snow falling road a little slick but very drivable. I'm fouth or fifth person in a line of cars on a small two laner in Vt (242 N between Montgomery Center and Jay). The lead car is driving way too slow (an SUV) to allow me to maintain momentum. So I pull over and wait a good long time so I won't get stuck on the up coming hills.

Well I finally go, but I didn't wait long enough because I catch up to the group now creeping up the last up hill. The SUV slows and everyone (five cars) behind him gets stuck while he creeps over the top. The road is slick enough that I can get started from a stop but can't go over a walking pace.
Could have killed him.
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Go get 'em, Mr. S! Just please watch out that my little blue Subaru doesn't get stuck in your treads....


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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WOW- Although my new years resolution was to be non-anal (and a more agressive skiier), I just have to let this out.

If there ever was a word to describe my anger, annoyance, and fury towards big SUV drivers it would not be pretty at all.

Rich people (or people who think they are rich) that buy BIG, fancy, leather interior, on-star featured, pimped out, play-station equipped SUVs drive me CRAZY. These people buy automatic transmission SUVs, and drive fast on snowy roads. I see so many durangos and blazers and top-heavy gas-guzzling machines on the side of the road.

A forrester, or a pathfinder, or a 4-runner would be SUV's that are decent sized. Put snow tires on almost any mid-sized sedan or station wagon and you have a perfect snow car. People dont NEED $60k 12mpg monsters to get them up to the mountain! SUVs are getting bigger and worse for the environment/ fellow drivers. I have a '96 4-runner that hauls TONS of stuff (a yacht, a dog, lots of friends, a trailor, skiis, bikes, kyaks, snowboards) and a '97 (I think) corolla wagon that with studded tires and a roof rack is a PERFECT snowmobile!

just drive carefuly! ACK!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by irul&ublo:
The only thing worse are all the toothless mullet heads driving those TRDs.

Get a job.

You pipqueak! If I see you in your pink VW beetle I vill run you over!

Seriously, zis problem- or perhaps I should say plague, is just getting vorse each year. Pretty soon I vill get my .45 Long Slide, with laser sighting, phased-plasma rifle in the forty watt range und terminate zem.

"If it bleeds we can kill it"
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Hay Arnollllld,

Ich verstand das was ein rumor das ihren wife Maria hab trouble grossen mit da drivers license. Any truth in dat ?

If so, would you run her over ?

You know not everyone can drive a hummer !

Let us know,und danks,

Das Wink

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Yo Arny and all the rest of you anti-SUVers. It's ok, the next time you HAVE to deal with one of those braindead-inbread clones just remember there is a balance of order out there. Meanwhile,somewhere on the big road USA there's a Freightliner trying to make a hood ornament out of the worlds largest,most powerful SUV. The Chevy Suburban. Damn that 18 wheeler got a whole lot bigger.
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Food for thought. The US tax code actually encourages the purchase of large vehicles for business owners. I can't remember the exact details. My inlaws own a business and they bought an new Excursion. After the tax deductions it only cost them approximately $6,000. The allowance is only for vehicles over a certain size.
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i'll take my front-wheel drive sedan w/ blizzaks all the way around over an SUV w/ "all terrain" tires anyday...
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Here is the main link to that site: http://www.changingtheclimate.com/ thanks for the lead Geoff! Its quite funny, think I'll have to order some stickers!
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Interesting reading on SUV's here .
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I used to drive a Mini
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I think you might have stumbled on to something here. Is that why they drive like big Pr&%ks? After spending a considerable amount of my life behind the windsheild you can see a tendency of drivers to vehicles. How about those *guys* that own a Quad cab 1 ton dual with oversized tires and live in a large metro area. Or the blonde that thinks shes driving a tank with cup holders. Or the Dodge Ram people. I could see owning a large vehicle if you had a construction company. If they only knew what they were dealing with(MV2)too much car for the driver. :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tanglefoot:
Interesting reading on SUV's here . <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I drive a small sports hatch but wear my trousers baggy at the knees.
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Arnie, I'll drive over your silly little tank with my shiny new grocery-getter. Wanna jump in the hot-tub I have in the back?

(edit: how do I shrink this image to fit?)

tanglefoot, I really, really like that website you posted. that's really nice. really.

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I always get a kick out of these topics.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>A forrester, or a pathfinder, or a 4-runner would be SUV's that are decent sized. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'm curious; what makes these SUVs decent-sized?

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I have a '96 4-runner that hauls TONS of stuff <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Oh now I see. They're decent sized because you own one. But anything bigger is indecent. You say you haul a yacht with your 4-runner; Have you checked to see if you're exceeding your GCWR? Either your definition of "yacht" is highly optimistic, or you are significantly overloading your vehicle. Maybe you should buy a more capable truck?

Have you ever hauled 9 people and their equipment up to go skiing? Sorry, your 4-runner need not apply. Ever taken a group of Boy Scouts for a weekend camping trip? Again, better let someone with a Suburban handle it. Your 4-runner isn't up to the task.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I could see owning a large vehicle if you had a construction company. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Perhaps you're a city dweller, and have never had to haul a few thousand pounds of wood or gravel out to your house. To build a retaining wall, or level your driveway. I could pay someone a few hundred dollars each time I need this done. last summer that would have cost me about $4,000. And the logical extension of this is that all you pansies should just take a taxi whenever you need groceries. You don't really need anything than a bicycle, or a pogo stick.

Of course I'm no different. I see the guys in the jacked-up pickup trucks and think that's ridiculous. Why buy a $30,000 vehicle, spend another $5,000 accessorizing it, and wind up with a less functional truck (smaller payload, less mileage, more maintenance, less stable, etc..).

We each buy what we want/need/can afford. Chuckle at the SUV owners if you will, but then I chuckled at the BMW owner that passed me and another pickup on an icy uphill on the way to Mt. Bachelor the other weekend. 5 minutes later, on an icy downhill I saw him through the other pickup's windshield as he spun twice and wound up in the berm with two pickup tricks sliding towards him (I chuckled after I was safely past).

It seems all you non-truck owners think your cars don't obey the laws of physics. Oh wait, I'm not generalizing, am I?



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Nobody is arguing that all SUV's are bad. Some folks clearly need large vehicles for work and/or pleasure. The real problem is that SUV's are exempt from the emissions standards they should be held to, because of a special SUV loophole. Trucks that weigh far less, with smaller engines get held to higher standards. Even if you just want to haul kids to soccer practice, never go on dirt roads (like 94% of SUV owners), you should STILL have the right to own whatever vehicle you want . . . you should just be paying the same taxes that an equivelant Truck owner has to.
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