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rollarblading for skiing

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hey, im on the easts coast, portland maine, and theres no snow! pretty much everyday me and my bro have been hitting salom lines we make onj rollarblades on the local paved hills for a couple hours. Will this really improve my skiing? Its wicked fun anyway, my freind took a nasty wipeout today, funny stuff. But yah reply, thanx, later
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I don't know if it helps or not but I just got through rollerblading too. I think it uses some of the same muscles that skiing does. Hope you guys get some snow soon. We don't EVER get snow down here in Texas. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've been doing a lot of roller blading during the off season, and find it really helps my skiing. The two activities use very similar muscle groups. Where I find it has really helped is with my balance. There is a lot more involved in balancing on roller blades vs skis. My one footed balance has improved dramatically as well as my forward/aft balance. There's no such thing as back seated blading, as you'll land on your ass pretty quick.

If u get tired of roller blading, you're welcome to come up here to the PNW where there's lots of snow!!!
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Blading-good crossover sport. A lot of the same muscles used in both sports, along with balance skills that are mostly transferable to skis.
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OK, this is a huge BUMP, but the question is valid and this thread didn't get too far.

I know I may be showing my age here, but I find that quad skates replicate the skiing motion better than inline skates. I am curious to hear what others think. 

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I roolerblade, skate board, and ride a road bike in the effort to keep active and in some shape for skiing. If you need to split hairs on what's best for what, that's all fine, but my program is pretty much dictated by my kids preferred activity at that moment, and make the best of it I can.

My thoughts given my tools, road biking for strength and endurance, skate boarding for stance and road feel, and roller blading for fine foot muscle control. When much younger, I used to roller skate and ice skate and think it might be better for the fine foot muscle balance, but I use what I've got.

But my ski goal is pretty much survive/enjoy the groomers, find more efficient ways down the hill, and don't yet explore anything too tough (for my skill set). So, its likely, your goals might be higher than mine.

Good luck finding your answer.
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I play ice hockey all summer and fall. other than keeping my legs in shape and maintaining that gliding balance, I don't really correlate the two really that much. Skating is skating and skiing is skiing.
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Caveat emptor, I've never been on quad rollers. Inlines will probably give you better foot tipping practice, quads probably better for gliding. Both should be about equal for practicing turn initiation. Would quads skid better?
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Yes Quads do tend to wash out if pushed to hard. Inline are good for skating moves just like skis. I never could get the angles with inline like skiing.
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