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Ski Length

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I've just recently been getting serious into skiing, and am looking at buying a new pair of Rossignol B2 ski or the Head i.M 77 ski.

I'm a fairly aggressive skier, with and fairly advanced, but definitely not an expert, and am 5' 9" and 165 pounds.

I was wondering what suggested lengths for these skis would be.
Thanks a lot.
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Hi danfield and wellcome to epic. This might be the wrong part of the forum to post this q. Better to do it in the gear department. There you might get better responce.

Anyway, I dont konw what kind of length you have in mind and what you have been skiing on sofar but 170-177 sounds like your alternatives. To work in powder they need to be at least 170 but 177 is going to be a bit long overall in moguls and stuff. 165 is a bit short offpist so 170 could be a good compromise. If you are used to long skis then go for the 177.
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I am 6' and 195 and quite happy on 170 Dynastar Skicross 9s. I have been looking around at Volkl 5 stars, SkiCross 10s and Fischer RX8s, and have been pointed toward 168-170cm in those boards by some reputable ski shops. I ski in NH and VT, all in bounds. Skillwise I am close to (I hope) PSIA level II. Hope that gives you a little helpful perpective. Good luck.

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