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Conditions at copper?

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My brother wants to ski Copper tomorrow. Does anybody know if it rained there today? I know snow is suppossed to come in tonight, but it sure looked wet on the web cams. I'm trying to convinve him to go to Mary Jane. :
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It rained at the base for about 20 minutes, but it was snowing just a few hundred feet up the hill.
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great thanks. My brother doesn't have any tix for MJ so Copper it is.
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Conditions were terrible. Actually from pretty bad to terrible. 2-4 inches on top of ice. It must've been pretty warm yesterday.
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Originally Posted by bumpdad
Conditions were terrible. Actually from pretty bad to terrible. 2-4 inches on top of ice. It must've been pretty warm yesterday.
Please elaborate. I'm leaving for Vail tomorrow.
The entire mountain was terrible top to bottom? Is it still snowing or did the anticipated storm peter out already?
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Colorado Snow Report » 4/7/06 AM
24 hr snow base depth surf cond
A-Basin » 6" 84" P
Aspen Mt. » 5" 62" P/PP
Beaver Crk. » 4" 71" P
Breck » 5" 79" P
Copper Mt. » 8" 87" P
Crested Bte. » 13" 81" P/PP
Eldora » 2" 68" PP/SP
Keystone » 4" 73" P
Loveland » 6" 83" P
Monarch » 11" 88" P/PP
Silverton » 26" 110" P
Snowmass » 7" 66" P/PP
Steamboat » 10" 78" P
Vail » 9" 71" P
Winter Pk. » 6" 78" P
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I didn't find much good snow anywhere at Copper. Tried Union bowl, excelerator lift, rersolution lift and Far East. Much worse as you want lower - all hardpack/ice. The runs off excelerator were ok as they were skied more and the troughs of the bumps had ok snow. still hardpack/ice bumps but very skiable. The runs off resolution were not as skied so went from 4 inches powder to hardpack/ice - difficult to ski but also Ok in spots. The runs lower down were awful - just ice (if your east coast you may laugh at my defination of ice). With this new snow (see totals above or go to it should be OK to good. I plan to go to Mary Jane on Sunday. The snow was just moving in late yesterday so this am should be freshies.
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And I'm gonna miss the eenie weenie bikini contest this year.

I'm soooo bummed.
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The party was good

Skied Copper yesterday (4-9) The skiing wasn't too went from ice to slush with little transition corn (just Union Bowl, but i didn't check out Spaulding) I sure miss the great corn snow at Squaw in the spring..Schweitzer too for that matter..

Good corn snow seems to be very rare Copper..the sun is so intense..and things set up so hard overnight

The bands were great though at Sunsation yesterday

Liquid Soul and Keller Williams especially
I saw a skier go after a boarder with his ski pole..he swung for the boarder's head as the boarder bent down to adjust his equipment..some thing about being in the way..this pole swinger really made the the skiing community look bad..he was having a real fit..the vibe at Copper aint so good sometimes

oh yeah the mud was at epic depths in Alpine lot too.. one of the highlights of the day was giving away a free 4pass with two days left on it to a random stranger (miracle ticket)..
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Too bad. I was at Mary Jane and the bumps were nice and soft. Slushy on east/south facing, but the north facing were nice from 11 am to 3 pm. It will be icier today as the sun was blazing. I hope to get back up Thursday or Saturday as I have two days left on my four pack. A-Basin is coming up soon after that.

Gotta love those miracle tickets. "I Need A Miracle Every Day"
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I hit A-Basin on Saturday... and it was NICE. 6-8" of fresh powder on the East Wall until about 1:00 when it finally started to warm up. Sounds like I picked the right place to go!
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I thnk Friday and Saturday were fine at all the mountians given the new snow. I had friends at Winter Park and Copper on Friday. Not sure why Copper gets sooo baked.
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Originally Posted by cal to colorado I sure miss the great corn snow at Squaw in the spring..


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Copper ROCKED on Friday. The snow was a little heavy but still good. We got there early and harvested a whole bunch of goodies. Looks like the last powder day of any consequence for Copper.

The corn was quite good at Eldora yesterday - along with the t-shirt weather.

Hoping for great corn in the back bowls next couple of weekends.
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Copper was FANTASTIC on closing day. Union Bowl had knee deep corn STILL that was truely fun. And a gorgeous Colorado Blue Bird sky to top it was so clear I think I could see the Pacific to the West :

great day for skiing!
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