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Shortest mid-atlantic season on record?

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Things are bleak guys. Today it was 65 degrees on the mountain, dirt and grass everywhere, and worst mashed potatos imaginable. The season didn't start till after Xmas, and things are melting fast. Is there any hope of salvage. Opinions and sympathy welcomed...
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Go west young man. Sorry your season isn't so good.
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I just bot back from Bryce Mtn, Va where we had a slalom race in 70 degree heat yesterday. Guys were racing in short sleve shirts because the racing suites were making the heat unbearable. Some of the girls were even racing in sports bras and cut off shorts. At least there were some good snow(ice)ball fights.
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Whitetail was pretty good for about 2 weeks or so though... then it turned to awful snow and it's just getting worse.
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Some of the girls were even racing in sports bras and cut off shorts. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

and you are complaining about what? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Driving through NJ today the temps were 70ish and some folks had the tops down ......
...... on their cars.

The Poconos have managed to make snow most nights and as of last week they were keeping up as well as could be expected. Both Shawnee and Big Boulder had good conditions Saturday and Sunday.
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Whitetail closed today. Plans on being closed tomorrow, and God only know what, after that.

The forecast high for today is supposed to be 74 degrees!!!!!!

Helllppp Meeee! I'mmmm Mellltinnngggg!!

Whitetail web cam

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I wasn't complaining about that. It was one of the things that made the weekend worth while [img]smile.gif[/img] That and lots of beer.
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Rain sometimes freezing rain last night today and tomorow it sucks

at least i got a snowday today
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This is painful. Its been 60 degrees for the past week and rainy. Whitetail now says they will not open until Sunday at the earliest. Time to think about moving to Canada.
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I agree w/ TR@DV. If you can'y move plan for a couple of trips out west, if you can shell out the $$$ and time. I moved to Chesapeake, VA in '99, checked out the mtn.s and decided to ignore them as far as skiing is concerned. Helps keeping my sanity (i assume i have any).
Maybe the waters of the OBX sound warm up in a couple of days. If so, i go windsurfing until i hit the road to Jackson Hole later this month.
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Deep POW at the 'tail this morning!!!

They're saying it will be 70 degrees again today. Ya hooooo. NOT!
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Guys, I feel your pain. I spent the first 25 years of my life in lovely Fairfax, Va; made the move out west in 95 and never looked back. I busted my rump all summer for an annual trip out west and a bunch of road trips to New England. Keep the faith.

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As sad as this is for you Easterners, what's sadder is the caption under the Whitetail webcam:

"The view from the top of You Me Double! Come join the fun and experience it for yourself"

Someone should change that ASAP.
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OK, OK, you don't have to rub it in.

Tom / PM
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The recovery in the Poconos is going pretty well. Most Shawnee trails were open.

Skiing through the snow guns was a minor annoyance compared to the alternative. Sure there were a few bare spots but you had to be pretty inept to hit them. Light crowds too.

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After 8 days of above 60 degree temps and more than 2" of rain our ski hill did not close. The were able to make snow for about 10 hours last night. The slopes were as usual, in perfect condition with snow like we had never been above freezing. All of this was on a 12" base. I have become acustomed to barely noticing when we don't have a good year.
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Camelback, in the Poconos, blowing snow all day and is on the road to recovery. Lots of good skiing this morning...and I am sure tomorrow morning as well.....
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Maybe we'll have some luck. punxsawtawney phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter [img]smile.gif[/img]
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