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Atomic flex rating

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So my skis came and I'm trying to figure out how to interpret the flex rating on them (in the format #/#). Does anyone know how the flex ratings work for Atomic?
Thanks for the help!
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I ordered them through Ski-Depot.com
They were great for customer service & shipped to western Canada from New England for $30.
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I assume you're looking at the greyish race department sticker that's on the front of the plate.

My understanding (there are others around here who can chime in with better info):

Higher number = more flexible, lower = stiffer.
The first number is the tip, the second is the tail.

Sort of typical numbers -
Full-on race stock slalom: 37 / 26 for men, 41 / 29 for women
Retail slalom with race dept sticker: 47 / 36
GS: ranging from about 47 / 37 to about 53 / 42
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thanks. yes it's the grey sticker that I am going by.
the gs that I just received are 49/39 so I'm guessing they are sort of in the middle of the pack then.
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