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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post


Not watching a CLASSIC like Downhill Racer because of "GOLF"  


I decided to watch it today, Father's Day choice.  I'll tune in for the final round of the US Open tomorrow (weatehr permitting).

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Help needed ASAP

Hi quys... I'm new, this is my first post.. and  the reason I joined this forum.. because I need your help (maybe some of you will be offended, I'm truly sorry)..
Anyway, it's my friend's birthday today, and I would like to find him this movie he really, really likes, but he can't find it.. I have time 3-4 hours to find it :)...

It's an old regular movie, it's a TV movie and we watched it on our local TV (the worst TV ever). It was made in 80's.. It's about a group of skiers who go to a some kind of mountain, but they're in some pub the whole movie talking about stunts they use to make  (flashbacks). Meanwhile, one one them is trying to patch thing up with a waitress that has some kind of history with him.. An<way it's a veeery bad movie :)

Can anybody, please, tell me the name of the movie, or even more..where can I find it (online)...

THANK YOU soooooooooooo much

p.s. again, I'm sorry if I'm offending somebody

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Hello.... I need help
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Maybe Hot dog the movie????  an old classic skibum lifestyle film.
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Guys - not sure if this is the right place for this question, but trying to identify whether anyone recognizes the attached screenshot as being from a movie.  Based on the goggles and the coat, I assume it is a skiing movie.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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