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Demo Ski Carnage

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to land a pair of 05-06 Atomic B5's on demo, but I want a near new pair. I've found a couple of options, but I don't exactly know what's acceptable (that won't notice or easy to fix) for damage, since I've never owned and maintained a pair of skis. For example:

are some knicks/small gashes in the ptex a big deal?
will a knick in the edges hurt the skis performance much?

If there's a form of some kind to categorize the condition a ski's in when its sold as a demo, that would be good. I saw one on ebay a month or two ago, but I can't find it now.

Thanks again,
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P-Tex gashes aren't always bad - so long as they aren't core shots, they should be easily repaired.

But the edges are a different matter. One of the strong suits of the Atomic B5 - either the Metron or the SX - is its grip on hardpack and ice. And for that, you need edges that can be honed to a consistently sharp and smooth profile for the length of the ski. So buy demos with caution, and get as much detail as you can about the edges.
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After repairing p-tex and/or to sharpen the edges shops often run the skis over a belt grinder. This reduces the size of the edges and can only be done so many times before you have either ground off the base on the bottom or the edges down to the ski sidewall. If you want to make a ski with really damaged edges look good you can fill the p-tex gashes and then grind the heck out of the ski to eliminate all the deep knicks in the edges. The bases and edges will look like new but you will not be able to ever grind the ski again, so the ski has a very short useable life left in it.

What I described is a worse case scenario. Hopefully the demos were used a few times, p-texed and ground only once or twice, but if the shop "tuned" the skis many times it may have involved grinding them repeatedly. Without looking closely at the skis there is no way to tell how much edge life is left on them.
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ask for pics is you can, try to find one that as they mentioned above hasn't had too many grindings. You are getting them for cheap so they aren't going to be perfect but if you can find ones that have the type of problems you are looking for you will be good. Bases are easy to fix and fix professionally, even core shots can be fixed so that one would have a hard time noticing that anything ever happened you just have to want to do this. That means you may have to put some time in fixing them up, but the edge life thing is really key. If this means you have to take one missing a piece of edge, do it. They will be really cheap, and it is super easy to fix. If neccessary PM me and I will send you the instructions with nifty pics, any yokel with minor shop skills can do it.
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Sounds Pretty Good

Thanks for the advice. I probably wouldn't have thought of the edge thing until its too late. Any ideas on how much edge comes from the factory? How much does a good hand filing take off? How much edge does a machine hone take off?

I'm trying to get a pair from Christy Sports (somewhere in CO, maybe Winter Park) or Virgin Islands (in Dillion, CO). I've rented skis from both the WP Christy and Virgin Islands, so I'm hoping they'll be quality...

Thanks again,
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General rule is if they are well taken care of they will have top sheet scratches and some minor base imperfections (scratches and minor gouges) but it they are beat- then they will have edge damage, base damage that is to the core or along the edge that will require harder base welding, maybe a damaged edge, severe top sheet damage or cracks, etc.) If any of these are present then unless they are an extremely good price, I'd think long and hard about them.

Unfornunately- too many people think they are demos and not their worry and do not care about what they do to them. (like the kid that skied over the tops of a pair I was demoing this season- his comment was they are not your's so what do you care?)
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