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Mod X Pro vs. Mod X

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Can anyone who's tried the Pro and the X give me some idea of what it's like to ski them and the differences?
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The Axis X Pro has titanium layers, the Axis does not. I am full cert instructor, who skis for K2, and I don't think most people need the Pro, I know I don't. Look for past posts on this one.
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Probably whether you'd prefer the pro over the mod would depend on your weight, Jeff. I find the pro version both delightful and stable, but I unfortunately top 210 pounds. Lighter friends of similar skiing ability reported they had to "work" the same pair of demo skis on the same slopes on the same day.
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I would agree with Spinheli.Most skiers do not need the Pro.I found the mod x this years Axis x to be a great all around ski.I wiegh 190 lbs and had to push hard on the Pro.The Axis X does have a speed limit,but over all the Axis would be the ski for most skiers.
by the way Spinheli I would like to hear your thoughts on on the Axis X compared to the Axis

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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I find the Pro to have more grip and stability on rough, icy surfaces...more power out of hard-carve turns and more stable, but more effort to initiate and hold in turns than the regular "X". I weigh 180-185 lbs, so if you are lighter, you would probably like the regular "X", while if you are aggressive or heavy, the "Pro" will give you more underfoot. I tended to make the regular "X" wash out under pressure...but I ski in the East with lots of not-soft snow...

If you want a real nice grip and rip ski, try the Mach G. Awesome. Much more grip and power than the Axis X series...less versatile, but excellent for hard surfaces...
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Jeff the guys above are right on with this subject. I demoed the Mod X and Pro version but at 155 lbs it was hard for me to get the ski to flex properly even when i was cranking turns. So I bought Mod X in 181 length. Same reason when i was demoing GS ski's i liked the Beta Race 9.20 better than the Race 10.22. Just to stiff at my weight.
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Utah49 The Axis is also a pretty rockin' ski. It performs at a much higher level than you might expect. That big 111mm tip floats almost as well as a fat, and really makes for fun carving. I got my dad a pair last year and he loves them. The Axis is a really good one ski quiver out west for good skiers. I think it kills the X and the Pro in deep snow, while being easier to handle everywhere. Of course the X and Pro are better for maching on hard snow. All three are great skis, but I like the Enemy better!
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Thanks for getting back to me with the info.I demoed the 7/8 last year and really liked the ski.I don't think K2 is marketing that ski vary well it is a lot more ski then an intermediates tool.Oh well i guess they are to busy packing up for a trip to china then worrying how to market thier skis

If I were 20 ok 25 years younger. I would also be looking for something like the K2 Enemy.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49

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Hey Utah49 - Just because the Enemy is a twin tip, doesn't mean it cannot be a great all mountain ski. True, you don't see to many people over 40 on them, but it is really worth trying. I personally feel that it out performs the Mods in powder, bumps, crud, windbuff, corn, anything that is not super firm. I let anyone who wanted at my ski school try out my 174 Mod X, and my 173 Enemy. Everyone liked the Enemy better, and bought it. Quite a few of these people have no intention of going switch, besides leading thier class backwards so they face them. The reason everyone bought it? It was more "fun". Maybe it has to deal with the width, or the easy release tail, not too sure but I agree. The Enemy is more fun.

Yeah, K2 should really market the 7/8 a little differently. Oh well, it's a sleeper ski.
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I put 48 days my MXPs (188) last season. I'm 200# level 8+, ski everywhere I can, love both on and off piste, "any snow, any mtn", and love to ski fast and hard in all conditions here in PNW. I skied the MX for 2-3 days last year and felt they were not the ski for me. I felt they were too soft and would top out on stability and edge hold at what I consider low average speeds (I'm sure due to my weight). The MX didn't seem to have the stiffness to power thru the pow and crud, altho cause they were softer were mor forgiving. It did take more energy to compress the ski, but you DID get out of the ski(MXP) what you put into it. The MX is a great ski and would have been my choice if I weighed less and skied less aggressively.
Great all around ski. I liked them so much, bought another pair in wrapper this summer for 375.00. I also really like my Volkl G31 and now have a new pair of G3's as well, seem every bit as stiff as the MXPs, can't wait to get on em. That's my 2 cents.
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To stir up the pot a bit...
I ski the now Axis X Pro (188) and the Volkl G30 (193). The G30 is a midfat race ski. They have no speed limit! They do make tight trees and bumps more work though. The AXP is a far better all-mtn. ski; more fun in tight trees and bumps. They have a noticeable speed limit when skied in tandem with a G30. I propose that a similar differnce exists between the Axis X and AXP. The Axis X does everything the AXP will do, just with a lower top end. BTW - I might sell of the Volkls this year, but the AXP's are here to stay...they are just too much fun!!
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spinheli.. question;

how heavy are you? You say the Axis X is plenty for you and I am trying to find a point of reference of where do you think a person should go for the Pro instead of the regular X.. what would be the weight cutoff?
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Hey Mack - I weigh over 160, with gear probably 170+. I am definatly a finesse skier that is more technical than physicaly strong. I like bumps, windbuff, pow, crud, and I tend to GS the groomed to get back to the good stuff.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jeff:
Can anyone who's tried the Pro and the X give me some idea of what it's like to ski them and the differences?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Jeff: Call Tim Lukens at 496-7515. He's skied the k-2 mod Pro for about two yrs now. I believe he has also skied the Mod-X. He just passed the Alpine level III ski exam in March o1 and works with me at the Loon Mt. Adaptive ski school. I'm the tech. directorn for the adaptive ski school. WHTMT.
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I've skied both - and you should try both out to make sure. I think the 01-02 model is called the Axis, Mod X no longer. The basic difference is that the Pro is stiffer, to the point where even K2 was warning people that it might be too stiff for anyone not after that kind of ski.

The pro has a sheet layer of metal (sorry I can't remember what kind - I read the specs too long ago) and acts like it. But if you're looking for a stiff all mountain ski and are a good skier it should suit you - if you're more intermediate it might throw you around. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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GO PRO! I am the person that WHTMT spoke of. I am a 160 pound 26 year old instructor in the east and there is no way I would switch to the X. The choice between the two does depend on your size and what you want to do, but I have found that the flex pattern of the Pro is not overly stiff even for a medium sized skier. If you want the performance and are an active skier willing to work for it the PRO is hte way to go. I did ski the X and the Morrison for three and four weeks respectivly before breaking them. I found these two skis similar to each other and thought that with active skiing they were a little soft. The tips didn't give the support I was looking for and when really pushed into a turn I felt that they flexed deep and took a long time to rebound. With the Pro I feel the ski always working under me and the skis never seems to over flex. All three are great skis, but I feel that even a medium sized skier can make the PRO do what they want. The AXIS X and AXIS X PRO are the same as the MOD X and the MOD X PRO with new top sheets. Also as someone else mentioned look into the MACH series, the MACH G is my new tool of choice in a 181. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I want to try the K2 products this year. I can buy two pairs. I want one pair to be a 160-170 slalom and the second pair for powder, busted up powder, and heavy spring slop.

I'm 5'11 175 lbs.

I teach full time and am a level I cert (hope to pass II in January)

Ski mostly on groomed and love bumps.

What do I buy? Mach S and Enemy?
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Rusty Guy - I would think a 167 Mach S, and a 188 AK Enemy would be a pretty sweet mini quiver. I juat oredered my K2 stuff, and got a 173 Enemy, and 165 & 180 AK Launcher. I wish they made the AK Enemy in a shorter size, oh well. I was tempted to get a Mach S, but I really don't think I would ski it instead of my Enemys too often. Maybe if I was doing any racing...

Of course, if I had to pick one K2 to use for a level 2, I would go Enemy because it does everything well, but those shorty slaloms are great for demos. Hmmm.. Maybe an Enemy, and an AK Enemy would be a good call.
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Is the enemy too narrow to be good in slop? Is that why you suggest the ak enemy as a second ski?

How much quicker do you think the mach s would be as opposed to the enemy? I honestly spend 70% of my time on groomed teaching.
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The Enema is pretty good in slop, but when the going gets funky, wider is better. If you have never had a fat ski, get one, no other ski will change the way you look at hill, like a fat. Yea, the Mach is definitly quicker than the Enemy, but the Enemy has bigger platform. They are both really playful, fun skis in there own way. Both bump really well, but I like skiing a mid fat better than a carve ski. I spend most of my time off piste, that probably has something to do with it. If you are more into the groomers, a Mach/Enemy combo would work quite well. The Enemy is a total blast in pow, crud, junk, Etc.. But a fat just rules off piste. My advice get a fat, and get off those groomers. I trained about eight instructors who passed level 2 last season. Most did it on mid fats (Enemys actually), others on carve skis. Probably did not make a big differencein the exam, but thier free skiing? Wider is better. Here in Mammoth most people go with a midfat(twin), and a fat as thier quiver, but lots of Euros and Aussies dig the shorty slaloms (probably shows how much time they spend on manmade).
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Groomers not by choice. It's just where I end up teaching. Thanks for your advice.
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