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Newbie to skiing

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Hey all,

I've never gone skiing before in my life, and will be taking a class within the next few weeks. I was wondering what sort of equipment I would need in order to ski. Thanks in advance.
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You really do need all of the following:

Ski Boots
Ski poles
Ski socks
Ski trousers/salopettes
Ski jacket
Ski goggles (possibly sunglasses if the weather is good)
Woolly hat
Ski gloves

If you're going somewhere cold (check weather) make sure you have plenty of warm clothes & a scarf/balaclava or something similar. As a beginner you spend more time standing around than a more advanced skier and if you're cold you won't enjoy it.

All these things are frighteningly expensive and you'll really regret it if you miss out on any of them.

Good news - you can hire most of them. You will definitely hire boots, skis and poles (the most expensive parts) wherever you are skiing.

If you can, find friends who ski and borrow goggles, hat, gloves, socks etc.

A nice ski jacket is quite expensive (in UK doing well to spend less than $120 and can easily spend over $500) but is useful whenever it gets cold - not just for skiing.

Ski trousers unfortunately also cost but you do need them. Some places will let you hire ski clothes for a week.

Have a great time!
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Welcome to Epicski.

You did not mention where you are planning to ski. almost everything can be rented. Several shops in my area rent ski clothes and Sugarbowl in Tahoe has a "fast track" program for new skiers that includes Equipment, lifts and 2 hour lessons for 70.00. If you repeat the lesson a second time for the next level, it's only 50.00 and still includes equipment, lifts and lessons.
Check out the resort you are going to and check with your friends about borrowing some clothing and eye protection..
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