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Cloudveil Ice Floe Glove

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I just bought a pair of Cloudveil Ice Floe gloves in small.

I have freakish small hands and usually even in smalls the fingers are too long.

The Ice flow in small fit so amazingly well and fit a need I had for a intermediate glove between my FOX MX gloves and my cold weather ones.

The interior of the glove is very well done with no creases or wrinkles to piss you off to no end.

The goat skin palm gives great feel

The padded back will be nice for those way too fast GS turns where a hand down is often needed.

Haven't skied them yet but well worth the money and a great fit if you have a hard time finding smalls that fit the fingers.

http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=84552444261 7328&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302698971&bmUID= 1144208667457
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Used these for the whole day skiing.

Temp was -7C to +5C.

hands were warm, comfortable, and never sweaty.

Great fell of the grip, very dexterous allowing monkeying with straps, googles, zippers, keys, etc..

I wonder about the strength of the palm leather but after a day of loading and unloading skis from the gondy and racks there are no marks indicating it's tough enough for ski use.

Some leather palmed gloves I have owned are just not strong enough for ski edge contact etc..

I did feel moisture come through when things got slushy in the PM. I think a dose of Dubbin, or Bee's Wax is in order for the palms with a spray of some waterproofing to the back of the hand fabric area's

They did however dry really fast because you can feel air going through the glove when going fast. Refreshing when the temps are warmer.

I made some really fast GS turns and purposely pushed my knuckles into the snow to see how good the padding was. Good enough. Didn't hurt anyway and sprayed my buddy tailing me very well. HA HA. the material took the icy abuse with no scaring of the fabric.

Well worth the $59 Canadian I paid. Many happy hand ski days to come with these.
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