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Gear Question

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Hi all,

I am looking at purchasing my first pair of skis. I actually live in Australia so all the skiing here is pretty well crap compared to you lucky buggers in Europe and North America however I wont be spending that much time on them out here. At the end of this year (Dec - Jan) I am booked in to stay at Aspen/Snowmass skiing for twenty days. I am so excited and its still months away however due to the length of the stay it is cheaper for me to purchase skis as apposed to renting them (How sad!).

I am looking for some advice as to what ski I should buy. I don’t want to be spending huge dollars as I am a student and can’t afford it but around 600US should be plenty for a system? After reading a few threads I called up the guy in Calgary and he seemed to say that the volkl 5 star was cheap and was a decent all mountain ski.

From your previous threads I can estimate that my skiing ability is between a 7 - 9 as I can carve on pretty well on all blue runs and some black runs. I like to go fast and I also like exploring the steep double blacks and tree runs. But we don’t have too many of those out her in Aus. I haven’t skied that many days in my life (less than 30) but each time I have just used her skis. So I don’t really know what would be best for me.

The plan is to spend this season and next season at Aspen, do some skiing on slush back her is Aus and maybe go over to Europe once in the next 3 years or so. Dot skis last for 3 years? Everyone I talk to seems to update them each year or is that just for hardcores?

I am 6 feet tall, 175 pounds and would appreciate any advice you could give.

Thank you for reading!
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5 star is a great ski, but it may be a lousy ski for Aspen, as it is primarily a ski for groomed runs. I am not saure you qualify as a level 9 if you skied for less than 30 days in your life (although you may be a natural). In any case, if you want to explore some off-piste possibilities and get off the groomed runs, then you may want to get something wider. Any mid-fat ski will do the job for you- Volkl AC4 for example. Try to get something with around 80mm underfoot and a decent sidecut, and you should be all right. Length-wise, go for something around 175-180.

I'd also comment that the designation of black/blue runs is very resort-specific, some places have blue runs that would qualify as black diamons in other places. Just be careful and enjoy.

P.S. Any decent ski will last 3 years. People who change skis every year are infected with gearitis;-) It is fun, excessive, and incurable.
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Thanks alexzn,

I just re read what I typed and granted, it is a touch miss leading. I dont think I qualify as a 9, much closer to the 7, but in Australia I would ski down what are classed as double blacks runs. In that previous thread "expolring extreme" was level nine. However its not always pretty how I get down them. But hey, its still fun.

Thanks for the heads up on the volkl 5 star. Please forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by a decent side cut. I'm not meaning to be rude but i dont understand.

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Yeah, do a search on ebay for Nordica The Beast Limited edition. This is a discontinued ski that is simply awesome. I just bought a pair for 300 bucks. I bought Marker Titanium 12.0 free bindings for 120 to mount on them. I would also suggest, if you cannot find any Beasts on ebay in a suitable size (I have a sneaking feeling a 177 would be better for you) then look up a guy called Dawgcatching on this site and grab a pair of Elan 777's from him. Both of these skis are perfect for what you need. They are both skis with less sidecut (less of an hourglass shape). The fact is you should be able to get a great pair of skis with bindings for under 500.
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Originally Posted by alexzn
P.S. Any decent ski will last 3 years. People who change skis every year are infected with gearitis;-) It is fun, excessive, and incurable.
Welcome to Epic Ski yeah_okay.

And though a good ski should last at least three years, I take exception to the implicatioin that I am infected with an incurable disease!
(though I hear it may be contagious)
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check out http://www.passwagon.com/demo.htm - Demo rental card
limited to 20 days at Aspen/Snowmass but still a great deal since you will only be skiing there 20 days anyway. They do have blackout days at end off December and in January around MLK day. Doesn't seem to be limited to US residents, so you can probably buy one. Next years will probably go on sale late in April or early May as they did last year. If you buy one go for the insurance - only about $25 for the entire year.
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New Gear

Yeah/Australia. In answer to your question. First, I have skied AustPerisher and Threadbo, you have no idea the difference from Aspen in snow and terrain with Australia. My advice is don't buy anything until after you get here and ski and demo for awhile. It is really difficult for someone that has never seen you ski to recommend a particular ski , length etc. After you get her you will be able to find reasonable priced skis on E Bay or right here on Epic. or l yr old in Aspen area. Good luck with your plans, trip and life. Pete
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