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weather at snowbird?

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I have decided to go to utah the week of april 10-17 but I have a question about the snow and weather reports for the ski areas.
Is the temperature range that they give for the area at the base or is it the weather in SLC? If it is the ski area base temp, how much colder is the upper mountain usually? I see some pretty warm temps on the site and I dont want to be skiing in wet slush.
Has anyone been skiing in the last couple of days? Looks like there has been quite a bit of snow.
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Don't worry about Temps. This is some of the best spring skiing we have seen in years! It has been so good I almost get giddy thinking about it. If it is a warm and sunny day just follow the sun around the mountain. East facing runs in the AM west in the PM. The base depth at Alta/Bird is well over 13 feet. The forecast is for 3 foot of snow above 8000. More do later in on Sunday.
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yes, I just returned from SLC last night and as long as you stay around the high resorts (Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton), I think you will have an amazing time... fantastic conditions. It does get slushy in the afternoon if it's a very sunny day so get there early or stay in the trees.
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I skied Alta on Monday, 48-50 deg in the parking lot......35-40 at the summit.
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