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Where are the Olympic runs in Salt Lake?

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I'm heading to Salt Lake April 8-10. One thing I wanted to do was to ski some of the 2002 Olympic Runs. I read that Park City and Deer Valley held Olympic events, but I also read posts that mentioned SnowBasin also had some.

Which of these would be the best bet to try a few of those runs?

I only have 2 1/2 days of skiing (with the Quick Start) and I'm debating between Alta, Canyons, Deer Valley and Park City. So, one of these I won't be able to do and one for only a half day.

Thanks for any adivce....
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Snowbasin hosted the Men's Downhill and Super G on the Grizzly run and the Women's Downhill and Super G on the Wildflower run.

Both are a hoot.

Have fun in Oootah.
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As Bob mentioned the Downhill and Super G were both at Snowbasin. Both runs are clearly marked on the maps and the start houses are still in place. The combined was also at Snowbasin with the slalom portion on the bottom part of the Women's (Wildflower) downhill. The Giant Slalom was at Park City and the run is clearly marked (but often used for race training and closed to the public). The slalom and freestyle events were at Deer Valley on the lower mountain. The adjoining runs of Champion and Know You Don't held the moguls and slalom respectively. The ariels (sp?) were held on White Owl which is also nearby. These runs are marked on the trailmap and on the mountain so they should be quite easy to find.
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The mens DH at Snowbasin is a nice steep long run. The top 400 feet are a pretty good plummet. The womans is a little easier. Catch them on a good dump day and they are a blast. I hit them every year. The whole John Paul area is great as well, some very steep stuff out there.
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I watched all of these 2002 Olympic events live at Snowbasin along
with several at Deer Valley and Olympic park and skating downtown.

Having a free place to crash in Ogden at my sisters house helped.
Trip included flying to Las Vegus, renting a car for a month for $400
and about 2 weeks of free skiing.

Because of collossal bus screwups at Deer Valley while free skiing leading
to having ski boots stolen I plan to never ever ski at Deer Valley again.

The only other area I will never ski is Beaver Creek (no power during a mega snowdump)
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i got to see three events during the games,,, tickets to the Men's Mogal finals,, Women's Qaualifing Aeirals, and Men's Aerial Finals. While on the clock.
I was working ful time at DV. And i was one of the lucky few, to of been selceted to work the lower mtn. during the games.
oraganized confussion, but damn , what a great party
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Originally Posted by SB77
The Giant Slalom was at Park City and the run is clearly marked (but often used for race training and closed to the public).
Actually, the whole Eagle Race Arena area of Park City Mountain Resort is closed to everybody but racing teams (though the Eagle lift is open to the public as an easy access point to King Con). CB's Run was used for the GS. You can ski the top flat area of the course, which is not in the closed race training area. The Olympic GS started near the top of the lift on King Con ridge (the small triple that starts near the unloading station of the Eagle lift) before hanging a right turn onto the face of CB's Run.

The Grizzly and Wildflower courses are open to the public, and have been decommissioned by the owners of Snowbasin, who do not plan on using either course again in the foreseeable future. It's a pity, because both are fun DH courses. The Grizzly Mens DH is a real hoot, and was one of the more challenging DH courses in modern times: tons of air, fall-aways, odd compressions and few gliding portions kept racers on their toes. The start face is one of the best in alpine skiing, and the view from the start shack (both out of the starting gate and looking back toward Ogden) is epic on a clear day. The finish shuss is also intense - it's right below where Bode almost chucked it into the coaches during the combined DH. The Austrian coaches grumbled quite a bit about the course, both at the warm-up World Cup in '01 and at the Games in '02.

Wildflower is a bit more mellow, but still had its share of hangtime for the women. There was a bit more gliding available, but the course still had its share of off-angle turns, compressions and jumps.

As mentioned before, the combined SL courses for men and women were on the lower quarter of the Wildflower DH course. Since the Games, Snowbasin has turned this area into a superpipe, so it's tough to reenact the finsh jump of the DH or the tight turns of the SL.

The Olympic SL run, Know You Don't, is a very steep, concave run for SL. It's a bit monotonous, but unrelenting.

I worked on the Wildflower courses during the Games, and on the Grizzly course during the 2001 World Cup race, so I'm quite familiar with the area. I've run FIS GS races on Know You Don't, and it was a good, steep run on the portion where the Olympic SL was set. And my old team trains at Park City, so I've had a chance to run full-length GS courses on CB's - it's a gas!
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