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Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in. Jay Peak getting possibly 18 inches in the next couple days- is this a myth? Possibly scrapping the trip to Tucks and heading the the land of cows, Ben & Jerrys, and ridiculously good treeskiing. Anyone in N VT have any further details on this?
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Let it snow!!!!

That's what the weather reports are saying. I'm either heading to Jay or Stowe Friday for the weekend if this storm holds true.
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It's snowing out my window at this very moment!

On to bare ground here in So. Vt.
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Looks like quite a bit of snow at above 1000' here, the corner of ma, ny vt. That means north of here got some serious snow.
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up to a foot, Im hearing.

Cgrandy, how is Mt. Snow, is it open?
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Ya Open. Several runs on the front still have some snow, The north face has enough snow, so it's good for lappers. Timbers, Freefall.Chute

Chute is bumped up and when it softens in the afternoon, it's a delight.

Ripcord has good cover, but it's not really fun.
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we got a bunch of wet heavy snow here in Killy and it's still coming .... i think i'm gonna have to head up to jay as well
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