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Fall Death in Heavenly...

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News Story

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lower half, WITH SNOW.

Very sad. And as is so often the case, tragically unnecessary.
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My condolences to the family.

ryan - love the brown snow
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I caught some later information that says he walked down a ways before slipping. For any of you unfamilliar with Heavenly Valley, the base lodge at 6700 feet has a steep 50% average gradient (~25 degrees) 1700 foot slope above it, lookers right of which is the infamous bump run Gunbarrel and the run to the left of which is East Bowl (misnomer as it is not a bowl). At the top one third the slope the gradient is more like maybe 40% but in the middle where a row of trees separate the two slopes, is a rather steep section that maybe approaches 80% for a short distance. My suspicion is he walked to that point and then lost it. Walking on steep icy snow with ski boots on is crazy. He probably realized how dangerous it was on the way down but was too bull headed to admit he was a fool and instead turn around to climb back up. -dave

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