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I’ve recently decided to buy a pair of the Head Monster iM 88s. I’m having difficulty deciding what length to get. To confuse the matter even more, I thought I’d make a post and get some advice from you guys.

I’m 5’10” and 210 lbs. Despite my size, I think I’m a pretty good skier. I’ve seen different breakdowns as to where I rank, but I think I’m pretty much an 8 (sometimes 9 depending on who you talk to). I ski almost all off piste in trees, chutes, and bowls. The only time I ski a groomer is to get somewhere or if the conditions are really bad off piste. I like to go fast, make big turns in soft snow and tree ski. I avoid bumps, but will ski them to occasionally challenge myself, or if conditions give me no other choice. I ski about 20 days a year at the resort and will mount these skis with Fritschis to use on the occasional backcountry trip.

Skis I’ve had experience with…

Bandit XX 184 cm – My old skis. I used to really like these. They got me of the groomers and did really well in crud. Compared to what I’ve been demoing these skis are slow to respond, seem kinda dead, and don’t have enough float for the pow.

Rossi B3 (This year’s) 184 cm – I found this ski to be a better version on my old bandits. Great in crud, actually pretty good in bumps, but not enough float for the deeper stuff.

Salomon Gun 175 cm – Fun ski. Really easy to turn. Floated nicely in the pow but was not the most stable at higher speeds. Tried this to see if I could get by with a shorter ski.

Head iM 88 186 cm – I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I thought this ski was awesome in anything that even resembled soft snow - really stable at high speed. This ski was more fatiguing than the Guns, but putting the work into the turns paid off. This ski charged on steep terrain. I think the tune was sloppy, because it skidded a lot on hard pack.

So, I’ve decided on the 88s, but what length? Unfortunately, Head products are really hard to find in California, so I haven’t been able to find demos in the 175. Any advice is appreciated.