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Atomic Neox to LT:11 mounting experience

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For what it's worth, here are some of my observations while mounting Neox 412's to LT:11's.

I think the bindings are 04/05, and the skis 05/60. Compatible. The ski comes with a plate or chassis mounted that has the screw holes for Race, Neox and Device very clearly laid out. Neox requires no drilling, the others do, but the locaions are dimpled, so no jig is reuquired. Nice.

The instructions are adequate if somewhat incomplete and confusing.

First snag was getting the toe piece to slide into the rail. I coudln't do it unless I removed the AFD, got the toe piece partially slid in, "just so," and then reattached the AFD. Maybe it's me, but it's the only way I could do it. The instructions do not mention this. Also, no torque spec. for the AFD screw.

I used a torque screwdriver. Posidrive #3 bit - key! The specification is 4.5 Nm for the mounting screws, which is just about 40 in-lb. My driver only goes to 36, so that is what I used. I highly recommend a good, calibrated torque driver, as the tightness is much more than one's intuition, and overtightening in the plastic-lined holes could probably strip them beyond preactical repair. I first hand tightened them just to see, by feel, and put probably another full turn on each screw with the torque driver before it clicked/slipped.

Follow the instructions about tightening order - this is important for alignment. Front bracket is rear first, rear bracket is front first. Has to do with how they float on the plate.

Sliding is a bit stiff. The system is lubed at the factory. Boot sole lenght is stamped on my boots (Nordica Dobermann WC 150). Set length using the front position option. Thie cap screw for this is spec'd at 4.0 Nm (35 in-lb.) - I just left it at 36.

My DIN setting is 5 based on several calculators, including Atomic's table method.

Adjusted the DIN to 5, put the boots in - forward tension screw was perfectly flush with the housing - done! Total time including doing one twice and taking my time was less than 1 hour. I plan on bringing them to my shop for torque-out release testing, I'm fine if he needs $20 for this but I doubt he'll charge me (we'll see!).

Kudos to Atomic, for the products and great telephone tech support (in New Hampshire); to the vendors, Snowdealsnow and Skidealer.com (aka Woodland Sports, Inc.) for great prices, reasonable shipping charges, quick shipment, tracking numbers, and no BS.

Very happy!
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I lspent about 20 minutes trying to slide the toe piece in with the AFD attached before I figured out that it had to come off. Atomic needs to include that in the directions . You're way ahead of me knowing how much torque to apply, I just screwed the screws in till they wouldn't turn anymore without applying ridiculous pressure to turn further.
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