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Hail to D-Chan!

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So, D-Chan is in Ma. Tonight, Mark and i met him for dinner. A bit of good wine, some good conversation, we leave the restaurant......


Ye of the East. Pay hommage to HE who brought us snow!
Much thanks, d-chan!

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Snowing in Boston but not in Essex, Vermont?! There is no justice!
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Well, he's headed for Vermont tomorrow! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Dinner and wine sounds like a good trade for some snow on the east coast.

I'd pony up Oboe!
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Can't promise snow in VT but I will try. I'm headed for Stratton to visit GMOL then I'll be staying in Killington for the evening and if the snow gods smile on us maybe we can make some turns Monday [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Wow, just imagine what would have happened if he had slain some hay bales!
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Hey DChan--it's about time you stopped in to see us in Colorado.....

Glad you hear you all are finally getting a little snow back east.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Well, yes, thank you, Bob, but . . . that's what it is: a "little snow", very very little. The reallly wierd thing is, it happened just AFTER wifey insisted I put snow tires on my car - now, THAT'S a good sign. The usual pattern is the snow comes before the snow treads are on, then we put the snow treads on, then that's the last of the snow for a long time. So this just MIGHT work out.
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Have faith, Oboe! They are even opening our meager little Blue Hills next weekend!
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