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Comparison of RX8's to Metron B5's and SX:B5's

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I bought my RX8's at the beeginning of the season for $700. Now I see Metron B5's for $550 and SX:B5's for $350. How do the RX8's compare to these Atomics. I'm mainly wondering about Speed, turning, and chatter at high speeds. I wish I could demo some but I can't so I have to ask questions here instead. I was looking at the Atomic website and they have lots of info about all this "new technology". It seems cool but does it actually make their skis better than others? My guess would be yes but I haven't skied them. My Fischers have some cool technology in then, look pretty cool but perform incredibly well. I'm kinda second guessing myself about the Fischers, but I always want something new or different, or think something different will be better even if it isn't. I don't really know why because I love my Fischers. Maybe I'm just retarted. This is my second year of actually getting nice gear so it opened up my eyes to what I could potentially buy, now I want everything.
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Sorry I can't compare them to the SX-B5, but can compare them with the SX-11. I have tried both skis and it's a real horse race to pick the winner. From what I understand you could extrapolate the difference to the SX-B5, which should change in the same direction only more so.

The SX11 is harder to force into tight carves. It is also more likely to lock into a carved turn, i.e. it will be more difficult to make it pivot, but will respond to tipping quite well. The SX11 also feels more solid while delivering less snow feel. The SX11 will also not work very well going slow, where as the RX8 is an any-speed you like ski (so long as you don't take it to SG speeds).
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I just got apair of the SXB5's in Feb. off ebay won a bid at $250. I also have the Metron X1 which has the sime turning radius as the Metron B5. The Metron B5 is a stiffer higher performance version of the Metron X1. I never have skied the RX8 but have never read anything but a superlative review regarding the ski. Skied the Metron B5 a good bit(friend has a pair) and it blows the X1 away.
I think the biggest difference you will notice immediately between the two Atomic skis is the 18 meter turning radius of the SXB5 and the 12 meter radius of the Metron B5. So, if you love to carve short turns, the Metron is the ticket, that's not to say the Metron is only adept at short radius, but I believe the shorter turn is its forte.Both Atomics have tremendous tenacious edge grip. They are both very substantial skis. The B5 construction would compare with a sandwich metal construction of a Stockli or a Nordica ski IMHO.
The RX8 melds the best of both worlds with a 14 meter sidecut. The construction of the ski isn't quite as "stout" as the B5 but its still avery substantial ski . The power rods in the B5 are fantastic and make a big difference in how the ski skis.
As I see it , your choice becomes more a function of the turning radius you desire the most. All three skis are great so you can't make a bad choice.
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Cool, I'm glad I bought the RX8's in the first place. As far as I can tell the RX8's perform very well when I go fast so I can't really complain. I just saw the SX:B5's for cheap along with the Metrons and couldn't help but think: "Hmmm, maybe I should get a few more pairs of skis". It seems likea sweet deal but I don't think I'd notice a lot of extra performace with the Atomics anyway.
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