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Atomic Mid Fats

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I am relatively new to the sport in that prior to last season, I skied maybe 12 times. Last season I got serious and skied 47 times (nice to have a resort 45 min away), took lessons got my own equipment, etc. I went from a level 4 in 11-04 and now find myself at a level 6. Time for new skies as I have outgrown my '04 K2 Escape 5500s. I recently upgraded my boots to midlevel Salomons and am now considering some mid fat Atomics. I demoed the Atomic Metron 7 and found that suddenly I could easily ski powder, plus they were better on the groomers. Dodge Ridge has a pair of M9s at 40% off, which I am considering

I have two questions:

Are the M9s a good choice for a level 6 skier, who may/will progress?

Second, given my weight of 165 and height of 5-7, would a 158 or 164 be the better choice? My K2s are 160s and my present goal is to be on the groomers most of the time, but I do want to be able to ski Sierra powder as needed.
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SNPete - there are many Atomic experts in this forum; I'm not one of them. I did, however, demo the M9, M10 and M11. I'm probably a level 7/8, 5'8", 150#, ski only about 12 times per year. I liked all three skis. The M11 has the same sidecut as the B5, which I found to be a lot of work. The M9 and M10 have the same sidecut, more "relaxed" than the M11 and B5. I really like both of them as an all-mountain carver. I actually like the M9 better. I found it a little softer. Good for a relatively light weight skier like me. I tried them all in the lengths the Metron Index suggested, and that seemed to work out OK. If you're in between lengths just demo them both. Some of the Atomic pros will probably be able to give you more info.
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