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I got this jacket last year and i used it skiing on the glacier. It was warm but the softshell performed brilliantly. The material is the Schoeller Original Softshell. Basically, it is the WB-400. It has an acrylate layer instead of a membrane. This makes it way more breathable than a softshell with a membrane but it can't beat the Dryskin Extreme. It is made for colder and more sever conditions. It is not windproof or waterproof. It has waterproof zips.

Its performance was outstanding but i have to say that the baselayer played an important role here. I have a X-Undergear long sleeves T-shirt which is probably the best base layer available on the market. When i wear it, i always feel that there is an air conditioning unit behind me. I am always dry and warm as a result.