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Cupolo Sports..GREAT! ski shop!

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This is not spam.I do not know these people/have any connection.My first dealings with them.But I guess if this is gonna be deleted..oh well.
I just wanted to post/let others know about a GREAT ski shop..and someones first experience..and how well they treated me on a VERY MINOR sale..first of all they already have a great reputation.
I saw a pair/rather 2 pairs of skiis on Ebay..1 pair a fairly high end skiis..both 2001 models..used..BUT in good shape..so the add said.
Opening bid $9.99..sure..anyway..Ebay sellers are..well let's put it this way..OFTEN I find a huge discrepency between the actual shipping cost..and what the seller wants to charge for shipping..and almost always the sellers are completely inflexible in this matter.Then there are those that will not deal with Canadians..then there can be serious rip offs with "service charges" at the border by shippers..for customs charges.THIS has absolutely NOTHING to do with U.S Customs!
Needless to say..I see something on Ebay..and that is often the end of it after a few questions to the seller.
I see these skiis..$9.99..I email them..do they deal with Canadians..OF COURSE!..they laugh..they are Canadians..duh.. I didn't even check their address..they have an actual store.How do I have to ship them?..anyway I want..WOW!..SOOo..I REALLY push my luck..if I win the bid..can I pick them up there(I am in the Falls occassionally)..sure..WOAH!..whew..how far can I go with this..so I say.."I'm extremely busy..how long can I leave these there..I am not exactlly planning a trip there soon..maybe in 2 months.."..and they say just let them know..and they will arrange the pickup..
This is scary too good..turns out I win the auction..$9.99..each..I also end up suddenlly going to the Falls..so I arrange to pick them up.C'mon whaddaya expect for $9.99..from a ski shop.The skiis were ready/labelled for me /taped together..the place was busy..and they start tripping over themselves trying to help me out..FRIENDLY/KNOWLEDGEABLE!ZERO high pressure..and I DID NOT look/act well heeled.I was looking around..didn't end up buying anything else..THAT TIME
I was really too embarrassed to check out the skiis there..I wouldda felt just too cheap..
When I get home..sheesh..these things still got wax on 'em..PLENTY of life/base/edge..they are ski ready..a very minor touchup....would make them 100%.

There ya have it!This is the GREAT TREATMENT this ski shop treats an unknown/walkin customer/SKIER off the internet..Ebay..buying 2 pair of skiis..for $9.99 each..with

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Others Bears have also had good things to say about Cupolo Sports. I Haven't bought anything from them myself But from the comments here I will look them up when shopping for a new pair of skis. I don't see your Comments as Spam. It's good to spread the word about shops that are doing a good job. I look at it this way. Any retailer has to earn my business. If people say good things about a shop I will give them a try. If an on line shop is giving good service and good pricing then I will use them. The same goes for a local shop. If people ask who does a goosd tune in The park City area I tell them Jans at the Base of Park City Mountain Resort.I use to take my skis and recommended a place called Arcs sadly they are no longer in business. So what did you get for you $9.99?
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What's the deal with the anti pocket rocket rhetoric???

I asked you this before in another thread, but couldn't find it again.

Just curious.
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