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Omecarve 10 vs. RX8 vs. Dynastar Contact 10

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Let me start this post by saying I currently ski the Dynastar skicross 9 - a wonderful ski and takes me most places in style (30 something skier who goes faster than I should type III skier).

I live in Idaho and ski Bogus Basin since its 45 minutes from my house, so the reality is most of the trails are not off piste...

I like my Skicross skis but looking for a TRUE CARVER for short to medium radius turns (skicross doesn't like the short SL turns but can be done with more work), I don't want a race ski as I need to still take it easy from time to time skiing with friends and family.

I've been looking at the old Omecarve 10 - vs Fischer RX8, and Dynastar Contact 10. I have access to all 3 skis new or used so wondering your opinions. Price is not a consideration (though my wife would disagree with that).
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I saw the contact and omecarve 10 together. It appeared to me that they were the same ski. Are they actually different? The only difference I can detect is that the st10 has ARS, and the omecarve 10 doest not. (or maybe it does and it's just a different shape)
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I think the Omecarve 10 and the Contact 10 are very much almost the same ski. maybe a little different plate. I have had a lot of luck with the omecarve 10. I am 165lbs and ski the 165 would like to try a 172. I ski it all over the moutian for me it works just about every were. Even in the soft stuff, I like them in the bumps (but to tell the truth I like just about any thing in the bumps if the bumps are not frozen solid. I spent 8 hours in the bumps yesterday on my pocket rockets and had a blast) Also take look at the dobermann pro sc same class ski. I have never been on a Fisher so I can not comment on that ski. all therse skis are a little more relaxed then the full race stock ones so when pushed really hard they may be over powered but they are easy to ski well and reward good form.
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Fischer RX8

I purchased the RX8 at 165 about a month back. Skied them for 6 days at Sugarloaf, primarily on groomed hard pack.

All I can say is WOW. This is a wicked ski that just kicks ass.

Me: 180lbs; level 7-8 skier; 80% on piste - 20% in bounds off piste.

I himed and hawed between the 165 and 170s. I was concerned the 165 would be a little shaky at high speed with 180lbs on board. I elected to sacrifice high speed stability for the tighter turns of the 165. I figured I still had my Volkl AX3s at 170 for GS style turns.

Well I made the right decision as these skis are practically unshakable. I am slicing railroad tracks like never before. The skis simply rail you across the hill. They eat up medium to short turns, but they pull GS style turns without any rattle. They are not as unshakable as my AX3s, but I skied faster on these skis than I have ever skied before without issue.

I also found I was able to ski the groomed steeeeps with more style and speed as the skis allowed me to control my speed by varying my turn shapes. On my Volkls I had to intentionally put some skidding into my turns on the steep stuff to check the speed.

I love my RX8s. Go short.

I skied a few bumps that week and they handled them OK. Couldn't get a real sense of off piste that week as the bumps were like frozen VWs so I skied mainly the groomed stuff.
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