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Jack. the Skicross 10 requires a lot of input. You're not there. Go for the 9.
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Originally Posted by CTKook
As a business proposition I can't argue with that within the confines of the average "upper level" student.

Here however you've got an athletic skier who's happy to have his skiing ripped apart in the interest of getting better. Assuming he's sincere (no offense to the o.p., I'm sure he is), that already puts him worlds ahead of most "upper level students" in terms of headspace and potential. So why not give him a basic drill that, while it may be hard at first, will prepare him for the more difficult task of skiing bumps well?
the path to pivot slips and ingraining the movements that this encourages is via other intermediary exercises........a progression.

chris.....i didn't think you were. i know where you're coming from
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Originally Posted by jackwan1
my skis are probably too long (Salomon Crossmax 10 @180cm). I am 172cm and 165lbs.
i don't really understand the current trend of going to shorter and shorter skis. will instructors eventually have everyone skiing on snow blades??

i'm taller than you (177 cm) but weigh less (150 lbs). my 180 cm mogul skis are just about perfect for me. any shorter and i'd always be looking for more speed.
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