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7Springs and Laurel Mtn. Skiers:Attention

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Attention Seven Springs and Laurel Mountain State Park Skiers

Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Somerset Trust (LM leaseholder) and PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources (State Parks Dept.) are set to resume talks this spring. Now is the time to lobby Seven Springs. The meetings will determine if Seven Spring will operate
LaurelMountain. As many of you may know, last season Seven Springs agreed to operate Laurel Mountain State Park but decided against doing so this season.

If you are at all interested in seeing
Laurel opened again I‘m urging you to contact Seven Springs and tell them that you would like to see them operate Laurel. They have a proven record as a successful ski resort operator and the financial ability to develop Laurel’s full skiing potential. E-Mail Seven Springs: webmaster@7springs.com

Why bother with
Laurel? If you’re a skiing family: The terrain naturally segregates skiers by ability the beginners aren’t mixing with experts. All lifts empty near the lodge. Laurel is a ski area as opposed to a destination resort and the ambience reflects this.

If you’re an expert or advanced skier
Laurel has Lower Wildcat, a 28 degree expert slope with good snowmaking. That’s among the steepest in the State and steep by most standards. Wildcat would wear a black diamond at any resort, east or west. Laurel’s 900 foot vertical is the tallest in the region. There are over 400 acres within the boundaries of the ski area. That includes a lot of terrain suitable for ski slope development.

I’m writing this on behalf of the newly formed Linn Run and Forbes State Forest Outdoor Commission a charter member of the Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation, a 501©3 non-profit corporation. It is the view of our group that
LaurelMountain’s best hope lies with a resort operator of the caliber of Seven Springs.

In addition to the ski area our mission includes sustaining, improving, and advancing outdoor recreational opportunities within the State Park complex as well as the surrounding Forbes State Forest. These activities include overnight stays at rustic cabins, day hiking and picnicking, backpacking, primitive camping, mountain biking, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, fishing, hunting, rock climbing and equestrian trails.

If you are interested in being placed on a mailing list or in becoming a member of Linn Run State Park and Forbes State Forest Outdoor Commission please contact the manager of the Linn Run State Park / Laurel Mountain State Park complex Doug Finger at: dfinger@state.pa.us.

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I'm afraid Seven Springs is too consumed with obtaining their slot machine license unfortunately. I think your intentions are great, but big money is represented with getting the slots license. There are a number of projects at Seven Springs that have been put off because of funding. If I'm right on that, I can't seem them operating Laurel Mountain.
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I know you're bummed because of the loose granular we've had to ski all season but take the time to drop an e-mail.

Scott Bender et al woundn't be wasting time and money on Laurel if there wasn't some real interest. There have been continuing talks between 7S and STrust and the State. Impediments that have stalled Laurel development maybe surmountable.

Perhaps the gambling money will be just the cash infusion needed.
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I applaud your support for this and will certainly send an e mail. I hope it comes to fruition. When I saw the casino building drawing in the paper last week , I wanted to puke. Your ambition for Laurel Mountain represents a sincere effort and an opportunity for Seven Springs to deliver a great ski experience for serious skiers. I can put up with the occasional FG at Seven Springs, but what really disappoints me is there reluctance to install a high speed chair on the back side. Very needed and long overdue. I just have to believe its a money issue. So, maybe the slots will provide so much revenue they can upgrade their lifts and operate Laurel too . That would be a really good thing.
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I heard it through the grape vine that another high speed lift is due at 7S next season.

Did you know that 7S has been doing basic maintenance on equipment at Laurel (Lifts) this last season?
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Did that grapevine mention if it was going to be a new lift altogether (a different line), or replacing one of the dinosaurs? I hate when the Northface Quads drip oil and crap all over us on our ride up at every pole, I'd welcome a replacement! Then again, it would be nice if they finally did something out past Gunnar and Giant Steps...
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It's high noon on Wildcat partner and you've been called out.

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I'm sorry I haven't gotten back here sooner with a follow up.

At the last meeting of the Friends of Linn Run and Forbes State Forest (LR/FSF) the group heard the meeting that was to happen in April between 7S and Somerset Trust did occur but there was no movement toward an agreement to run Laurel. I don't know if more talks are pending but 7S hasn't closed the door on operating Laurel. Somerset Trust is said to be seeking other possible operators.

I think the Friends LR/FSF group will see if it is possible for the State to maintain operations at Laurel until a private operator can be found.

Here is a link to today's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review with a public introduction of our Friends group:

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

I’ll get back with more info as it becomes available.
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