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sorry that this is such a noobie question, but i was wondering if you guys know of links to a good chart describing the levels of various skier abilities.
i just started skiing this year, and no one i know skis, so i don't have too much in the way of info, mostly whatever i can find online and whatever i can extract from people in ski shops

so basically any beginner resources you know of and anything to help me figure out my level would be greatly appreciated.

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I came up with this by using the search button. Here you go HTH
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The PSIA lesson levels are here - http://www.psia-e.org/ed/.
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Canada (whistler) has levels 1-6 (from memory)
Austrian sytem (used by my oz ski schools) has levels 6-1
other system used in oz has levels 1-9....

PSIA 1-9/10

ummm I think maybe the italians have different system... I was trying to find out about the ski instructor system and got told i was "gold"level??... or some such??.... (Matteo??? can you explain both for me??)

Now which system are we looking at? Or a different one again?
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looks like i'm a psia level 5/6. anyone know how about pmts levels? i took one psia lesson, and one pmts lesson, and it got me wondering how the levels relate.

off the topic of levels (sorry if i should've started a new thread for this, not sure), i've skied three times total, the first time i went, right after my lesson i knew skiing would start ruling my winters, and decided to buy a pair. second time i went skiing was pretty insignificant, no lesson (overbooked?), was only a few hours. third time i took a pmts lesson. my plan is to start taking lessons regularly next year, and i was wondering if i can get thoughts on whether i should learn the pmts way or not, without starting an argument : ?
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You are an beginning intermediate skiier right now. (Level 1,2, 3 = Beginner Level 4,5,6 = Intermediate Level 7,8,9 = Expert) But don't worry about what level you are, that really doesn't matter. No one is going to "card" you for level. It is just an easy way to communicate to an instructor what you basically know. If the instructor is good, your abilities will be obvious to him the first time you start making turns.

As far as lessons, go with the Instructor you like, don't worry about the "type" of skiing he is teaching. A good instructor will help you attain your goal not vice versa. So try several different instructors and find out who you like to ski with and can learn from.
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Official PMTS lessons are categorised as green, blue and "all-mountain". These basically correspond to beginner, intermediate and advanced in the terminology the PSIA and most ski resorts use. Or levels 1-3, levels 4-6 and levels 7-9. But since PMTS doesn't teach a wedge progression, the style of skiing at the beginner levels is very different.

There's quite a lot of vagueness in the level 1-9 system over who goes where. Descriptions of levels 6, 7, and 8 can put the same skier as a high intermediate or very advanced depending on fairly minor details
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