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Anyone know anything about this particular model from 2003?

I took a chance and bought a pair of boots on Ebay. $60 for New boots, albeit a few model years old. The boot has the specs of what I was looking for. Flex index of 80

I have tried on other Atomic boots and found the toe-box roomy, which works for my somewhat wider feet. I bought a pair of 27s which, if the width is OK, should suit my size 10 US feet based on other boots I have tried.

I figured for $60 they were worth a shot. If they don't shell fit properly, or are otherwise not suitable, I can easily flip for a full refund at our local ski swap next fall.

Mostly interested if anyone has any experience with this boot. I had a difficult time finding anything online regarding the C9. It appears to be the first generation of Atomic's tritech design and I am guessing is similar to either the current M9 or B9.