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length advice

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I'm 5'8" and light - about 125 lbs. I ski about 50% NE and 50% West and am a high level intermediate (level 7ish) skier. I recently demoed the Elan Magfire 10s out west and loved them. I am pretty sure I'm going to get these, though I'm also considering the Mag8's. I was skiing 168s out west, but I'm thinking that for my height/weight/ability this might be a bit too long. Wouild I be better off on 160s? I generally ski a variety of terrain - I enjoy moderatley steep powder and groomers and ski moderately fast.

Any advice in terms of ski and length is appreciated.

thanks in advance.
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Stick with the 10. The length is really up to you. To me 168 seems as if it would be a bit long, but I've been skiing on tiny hills with icy hardpack for quite a few years; on an open hill with deep snow you might want to go long.
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