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Mt. Hood training

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My first thread here. My ski season is over for now and I have already been looking into places that I can go to get a fix over the summer. I recently discovered the training and all year round skiing at Mt. Hood, Or., and was wondering if anyone has been to any of these week long ski camps? I think that there is more than one organization offering these services, can anyone recommend anything, or has anyone heard anything about them?
According to the Mt.Hood website they have training for novices all the way up to experienced racers (children and adult), I would be interested primarily to improve my racing skills.
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I personally believe that summer ski camps are less effective than fall camps, simply because of the amount of time between the camp and the next season. Most of us just don't have the resources to do a series of camps over the summer to maintain skills. The snow is salted (hard) in the mornings and slushy in the afternoon on glaciers, as opposed to what you ski on for the majority of the season. An October/November camp sets you up just perfectly for the season and give you a jump on the competition.

A better option for off-season training is to incorporate some cross-training into your schedule. Hiking, biking, and rollerblading (or Harb Carvers) are excellent ways to maintain/build muscle for the next season, while preventing burn-out from doing one activity for too long. Summer is the time to get out and really build up the muscle groups you may have been neglecting during ski season, while still getting that outdoors buzz. If your season is over, let it be over. They'll be another one. Save your money so you can ski even more next year and maybe include a clinic or camp or two.

That said, I like Michel Pratte's camps at Whistler, South America, and Zermatt in the off-season.

Myself, I'd just throw a couple mountain bikes in the XJ and head for the hills.
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I find Mt Hood a great opportunity to refine and develop specific skiing skills. I get training on hard snow and I get great coaching. The residual effects are very strong.

If you don’t take advantage of Mt Hood you might miss out on one of the best experiences you’ll ever have.

Almost every junior race team in the US commits to the time and money for training there, not counting the Canadian Ski Team and often Europeans. Marc Girardelli trained there during his last three years on the world cup. I prefer to go in early June, as most of the teams are still in school. There are no lift lines and the snow is often winter quality.
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Oh, almost forgot, Harald Harb has an intro to racing camp at Mt Hood in June.
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Thanks guys....Ill be putting some funds aside for some mid year ski training. Getting ready to buy some new SL skis, need some help on that slalom course. Gonna get my Jeep mountain bike tuned up and ready to roll in the meantime!
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Originally Posted by Alaska Mike
I personally believe that summer ski camps are less effective than fall camps,
That would make sense, but has not been my experience. Ten days at Erich Sailer's Red Lodge camp resulted in the biggest jump my skiing ever made.

Thirty five years later, Herr Sailer is still at it, now at Mt. Hood.

I spoke to him up there a few years ago and told him I was an alumni. He got very serious and said "technique is quite different now".

I just pointed to the route I'd just skied off the summit of hood, normally a roped climb, and said, "well you must have taught me something right".

Actually got a smile out of the old man.
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I'm not saying you can't learn a lot at a Summer camp- I certainly have in the past. However, you need a lot of miles to fully incorporate a movement pattern into your skiing. Your average 6 or 7 day race camp certainly puts in a good deal of miles, but it's often split between drills, slalom, and GS. Then you have a long wait before you are on snow again to further explore concepts and movement patterns.

On the other hand, a fall camp rolls you right into the ski season, where you have a chance to fine-tune those camp skills. It also gives you a major jump on the competition. Major camps happen in November at places like Copper and Mammoth, and early December camps happen in places like Tremblant or Snow King.

Either one will get you there. An intensive session of quality skiing can't help but make you better. I just believe fall camps are more effective if you don't have the resources (like the US Team) to do a series of camps throughout the summer. Even national teamers take a break to recharge. I've skied in 11 months out of the year, and someday I'll probably ski that 12th (August) if I find- and can afford- the right camp. Bragging rights are nice, but I'd rather have a quality experience.

Whatever you do, take a journal along to record your impressions and any hints/drills/concepts you receive. Draw pictures if necessary. That will help keep the ideas fresh and meaningful.
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Thanks Mike for clearing that up.
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My son will be going up for a bumps & jumps week.
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Fall camps might be more effective. But in my experience, summer camps are alot more fun. Salted snow, downloading in flip flops, and hanging out at the lake are all part of the experience. Getting odd looks from hauling skis through an airport in mid-summer is fun too. I plan on being at Hood in June and/or July.
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Yeah, hauling skis through customs post 9/11 was interesting to say the least.

At Blackcomb you ride up two lifts and a bus with your skis off up to the glacier. It's nice and breezy on the ride up, and the bears are usually out under the chairs.
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I've done a 10 day race camp with the Tichys in the Fall, and this year my son and I are going to do one of their Summer Mt. Hood camps. They have a nice mix of junior racers and adults ranging from strong masters to us club racer hacks. From what I understand, the first couple of sessions in the Summer are filled with more serious, competitive racers, with more of a mix of abilities later in the summer.

They do a great job, and are particularly good with slalom.

On the muscle memory, etc., a Fall camp might be better, but for those of us who don't get enough time in gates, any training is good (this has been a disaster of a year on that front) and over the summer means my 13 year old ski racer son can do it at the same time.
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Well, its that time of the year again (at least for me anyway), put aay the skis and wait for the next season. I didnt get to go to any camps last year, but this year I hope to especially since I got my season cut very short.
Doctor said in 6 mon I can go back to a 100% normal life, that lets me get back to skiing right before the new season. So I am looking at going to a ski camp at around the end of August or September.

I looked at the Tichy racing site and didnt see anything that was adult exclusive, Monday I will call and see.

I also looked at the website they have a school that is better priced and has adult exclusive training (beer drinking between runs allowed! ) Seriously though, I dont care about the drinking, I want to go there to learn to be a better racer, and if it means no alcohol for 7+ days so be it.

Any more recommendations?
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Well I ski Hood about once a month (June-Oct.)to keep brushed up. There are many fine camps. Last year I attended a PMTS race camp. Really liked what it did for me. Nice people too. Historic Timberline Lodge is amazing. Seems Hood is on the radar scope for climbers. That is all.
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