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Something a bit longer

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Hi, I currently have a set of atomic urban triplets (163) for messing around on and volkl 4* (161) as my piste ski. I do love the volkls but I find they can be a bit twitchy at higher speeds. I was wondering if perhaps I may be better selling them and going for something like a 168 rx8, 5* or perhaps an all-mountain. I shall be spending a season in whistler and would like a ski suitable for mainly on-piste. when I go off-piste its usually just to the side of the piste through the trees, nothing too adventurous. Or perhaps I could sell the triplets and go for something in a 170 (karma perhaps?) I rented the Public enemys and found them a bit sluggish though very stable (163 I think). Really heavy but with the m1000 (marker) demo bindings. what do you guys think.

I think I am around a lvl6 skier 5'10" and 150lbs, 22 years old.
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First off get a longer ski, second ignore the PE's. Lastly, figure out what you want to do with the new boards and post again. If you love to carve the recomendation will be different than if you want a park ski.
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