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Am I going to lose this toenail (pic, sorry)

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I've been back from my Vail trip for a few weeks, and the damage done to my feet by my Dobies hasn't healed yet. My big toe looks ugly, and I'm worried that I'm going to lose the nail. Any thoughts?
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I would guess that both the nail and you will survive. You will probably lose the distal part, but the nail bed still looks ok. The distal part will probably separate from the bed, but the rest will be ok.
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DD, tilt down with that image so we can see the toe jam.
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I bet it stays put.
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As a runner I've seen many a discolored toenail (fortunately not my own...) and generally speaking, so long as it doesn't turn a darker shade of purple/blue/black, you're fine...
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Put a bandaid on it so it doesn't scrape up against something and possibly get pulled off.
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Proof that your Dobes fit properly........get off your tails and return to center!!!
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that one looks good!! You'll lose it if it's red or purple all the way down to the bottom...

I lost both of mine in a fall one time and they were barely attached at the bottom and free-floating at the tips. This was miserable as they caught on EVERYTHING and I couldn't wear sandals in the winter. I finally pulled them out with pliers.
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That one looks fine. I lost a nail last week. It turned mostly black after a ski day two months ago. The heated a paper clip and puncture through the top of the nail works well and is a lot of fun if there is pressure buildup below the nail. Squirt.
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Originally Posted by dtaski
Proof that your Dobes fit properly........get off your tails and return to center!!!
It's a length issue, not a back-seat issue. Pic for reference:
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wanna a picture of mine? i wore my langes, which i should have discarded, once too often and it turned purple and still is and when it rises a little more i am sure it will separate itself but below it is now a rosy pink.
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I lose a big toenail about once a ski season. I thought it was just a part of skiing! My left big toenail is in its growing back phase now...got that lumpy nail about halfway up.
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Update: It seems to have separated a lot today, for some reason. I spent a long time washing and waxing a car, then some time in the pool. Maybe the water caused it, idk.

Anyway, it seems to be totally separated except for the bottom. I can pull it pretty easily. What the hell do I do now?

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tape with a non-woven tape.... will hold it from being a pain until it grows off....
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Like 'Abox' above, I tend to lose a big toenail every year to skiing. I wouldn't worry about it. If it's going to fall off, it'll turn a dark shade first, and it shouldn't separate completely until you've got enough new toenail to cover the more sensitive area at the bottom, so make that a few months. Leave your toenail alone, your body knows what to do
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Yes, you will lose your toenail. But you'll be fine, it will grow back.
After seeing those pics I'm going to lose my lunch also.
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My sister recently had both big toenails removed, permanently. You might want to consider talking to your Doctor if they are giving you a problem.
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all you lot are big sooks...
those pics are nothing......
try watching a patients foot/leg rot off because the doc won't swab it as it may show up the crappy surgery record if they swabbed the post surgical wounds that went bad!
Takes a month or two... patient moans a lot and it stinks to high heaven... but hey your record stays clean and you can blame "old age" when they die if they are over 60.... even if they ran in the door to start with...
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That toenail looks pretty good. I used to lose both of mine every winter... had two horrible black/blue nails for years. this winter the right one's been a bit dodgey, but not as bad as usual, and the left one's actually good! So I went and bought some sandals for spring. It seems to only take one ram up against the boot end to have the red stuff starting.
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Wow, loosing a toenail is common in skiing? -I must not be skiing hard enough. . . I would love to hear more about this phenomenon if someone would care to elaborate about why this happens.

The nail will not necessary turn black before you loose it. As a construction worker I've lost a fair share, and most of the time the nail will almost instantly turn a dark crimson red, and then progress to a purple/black. My last loss occured after getting in a pichpoint between a heavy load and a steel bar. -I was surprised that there was no discoloration whatsoever. Especially since I thought my finger was going to get pinched off.
After a few days I noticed clear liquid oozing out from under the nail, the nail started to lift, and then off it came, in one solid piece. It was surprisingly elegant and painless, but most of all lucky.
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It was hanging on by the bottom for about a week, basically dead and white. I stubbed my toe on a chair today and most of it came off, a quick tug got rid of the little corner that was hanging on. It had already started regrowing underneath. I'll spare you pics this time, lol, it's ugly.

Traverser- It's common with race boots, or boots that fit well (which the majority of people don't use)
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Well of course if you play with it too much and hit everything in sight with it, it'll fall off
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Dude it was dead, I could see all the way under it. Not my fault...
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It's yust a yoke! Read it again.

You never know when you will loose it. I have lost nails that didn't look so bad and had others stay on that felt far worse.

My wife had a whole toe turn black once. The toe didn't fall off, but she reported that it was quite painfull.
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My crappy toe this season is just off colour, but the nail is lifting. Maybe I can put some pale polish on it til it falls off... I bought all these new schmicko sandals and open toed shoes (Liz Claiborne mainly) in the US and want to wear them!

But when it was really cold, it would hurt like hell. We had a dump on Monday (just before I left) and we snuck in another day's skiing, and it was excruitiating. Had to get my boot off at lunch and prod it.
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Lost both my big toenalis 1 week after returning from Canada. I took the liners out of my boots and noticed the big toes push hard against the end of the liner. Maybe they are too small?
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you could try undoing a couple of stitches in the toe of liner if it is just that area.... I have seen my instructor do that to one with excellent results...
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It's much less gross now...

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Originally Posted by doublediamond223
It's much less gross now...

Apparently you have very large toes!!!:
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