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Anyone use the Atomic RT TI/CS foams?

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I am curious as to whether anyone on here is using the Atomic RT either the TI or the CS in the foam version?
If you use them or have some second hand knowledge on them it would be very helpful. What are your thoughts on them, etc? Any info other than what's on Atomic's website would be great as well as reviews.

Thanks for your help,
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why don't you ask Jeff Bergeron? His thread is sticky.

If you read his answers, you would know that in his opinion, the RT has the best ankle/heel hold of any boot on the market. Unfortunately, the forefoot is not very narrow (medium to wide IMO). IMO the foam would be great there if you have a narrow forefoot.

If you are not satisfied with the stock liner i suggest you take a look at the Nordica Dobermann lace up race liner. It is very thin, has a neoprene toe box and an adjustable tongue. I have the Tecnica Race R lace up liner (which is a copy of the Dobermann). Best liner i ever had.

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Do you know if the regular RT TI and the RT TI Foam both require grinding? What about the CS?

Do you know the advantages/disadvantages of the foam?

Thanks a lot!
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I tried a RT Soft plug (last year's plug) which is the same boot and IMO it does require grinding for many people in the ankle/heel area. Unless you have a narrow ankle/heel and a lower instep you will probably require grinding. The forefoot is wider so it is better for many people. Still, there are some people who require grinding in this area. I don't require grinding in the forefoot. The ankle/heel hold was superb. In Jeff's opinion, the boot has ankle pockets. So far i have never seen a shell with ankle pockets. My Hinge XT does not have ankle pockets. Same story with the Diablo Race R plug. When i tried the RT i did not look for them b/c i did not know about this at that time. But i will look (i ordered a pair). I will ski the RT next season and i will see. If it does work the difference will probably be huge... better articulation...better control. He told me that the RT Ti is too responsive for freeskiing so it is not ideal for most freeskiers.

I have no experience with foam liners so i can't help you. Perhaps someone else can. IMO IF the boot FITS there is no need for a foam liner. With the RT i would use a foam liner if the forefoot was too wide. I am sure there is no need for foam in the ankle/heel area.

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Should any shop that carries them be able to grind them as well? Would any shop that carries them be certified by Atomic to do this?
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Do you have any expereince with plug boots?

It seems to me you never had a boot ground. This is very common with plug boots. Go to a bootfitter who has a very good reputation. That's what i would do if i were in your place.
If you have narrow feet you will require less grinding or no grinding at all. IMO you could get away w/o grinding only if you had a very narrow foot. There is an adge which says that if you fit out of the box, the boot is probably too big. I can tell you that it is not true for each case but it is true for many. I fit perfectly out-of-the-box in the Hinge XT (2 sizes smaller than my street shoe). The last of this boot is shaped like a foot and many people fit very well out of the box in this boot. This is not the case with most other plug boots,though... I had the Tecnica Diablo Race R plug and it required grinding if i wanted to ski it for more than 1 run. Same story with Lange RL11. The XT is really an exception.

Did you try the RT?

If you don't want to deal with a plug, i suggest you take a look at a semi-plug like the CS.

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No i havent had boots ground before - I finished racing a few years ago when the mentality was still "if they dont hurt they're not tight enough".
Now that I am getting back into it (and realize that was b.s.) I want to make sure I get boots fitted properly!
With that in mind, I found the Atomic RTs to be a highly rated boot, but I wasn't sure which model to go with? Any ideas?
While I like the idea of the atomic plug, I can't find a place in Calgary that seems competent enough to grind boots AND also carries the atomics.
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Plug boots require grinding in most cases. Most people on this forum will tell you the same thing.

IMO if you want to go with a full plug you will have to see a very good bootfitter.

The Atomic RT Ti is a plug. Yes it is highly rated. But it does not mean that it will work for you,too. There are many things to consider:
How well do you fit the Atomic last out-of-the-box?
Do you like/need the fit of a full plug?
Will you be using it for racing only?
Do you like a boot with a lot of forward lean?

If your foot does not fit relatively well out-of-the-box i suggest you try another model/last. The other companies make very good race boots. You can look at Nordica Dobermann WC 150, Salomon X2 Lab, Lange RL11, Tecnica Race R.

I cannot recommend a boot for you. You didn't give any details of your foot. But if it is narrow in the ankle/heel area with a low instep and a medium forefoot then the Atomic last could work well. For a high instep i recommend the Tecnica and for a very high instep the Lange plug. All the boots have a narrow ankle/heel area. The Tecnica is narrower in the forefoot than the Atomic while the Lange is wider.

I am not a racer and i ordered the Race Tech to see if the ankle pockets make a noticeable difference. If they are too responsive for freeskiing i will be skiing in my hybrid XT which i tested and is great for freeskiing Selling them shouldn't be a problem.

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wow! Thank you very much for your recommendations.
Which RT did you order? TI or CS?
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If i were in your place i would go to a shop which carries plug boots. I would try all the plugs they have and i would get the one that fits better out of the box. It doesn't matter if you get the Nordica, Lange, Tecnica, Salomon, Head or Atomic. They are all capable of winning races and they will help you win. If the Head fits better than the Atomic i would get the Head. Then, if they don't have a good bootfitter who can build the boot for you, go to a bootfitter with a good reputation. You can always go to ANOTHER SHOP where you can see a good bootfitter. Some bootfitters do not sell boots.

You have another option. Go to a reputable bootfitter first and follow his recommendations. This is probably the best thing you can do but if you do not have time to find one right now, i suggest you get the boot first and then go the the bootfitter. Make sure you get the boot in the correct size and you like the forward lean. The Nordica and the Head are more upright than the Atomic. The Tecnica is more forward than the Atomic. This is very important b/c IMO it is better to get a boot which has the stance that works for you better out-of-the-box. If you like to be more upright you could get the Nordica or Head. If you want more forward lean i recommend the Lange, Atomic and the Tecnica. Then the bootfitter will built the boot for you. IMO the winner is the boot which fits better than the others out of the box and has the stance which works best for you.
You are a racer and i am sure you know if you want more fwd lean or to be more upright.

I ordered the RT Ti XS (extra soft). I weigh 155lbs. The RT i tried last year was the Soft which was too stiff for me. If you weigh 170lbs+ i suggest that you get the Soft. The boot comes in a Medium flex, too. But it is too stiff for most people. You may find great deals on Mediums. Don't get them. They're too stiff. This is why nobody buys them.

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