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Do you think they'll ever fit????

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I'm hoping that some of you fellow bears can give me some advise! I got a deal on a pair of Tecnica Diablo Magnesium boots that only had about 15 days on them. The size is mondo 23.5. I measure a 7.5 on the Tecnica measuring device.

When I shell fit them to my foot, I have about one to one and a half finger widths behind my heel. I also have orthitics in them. My foot kills though when I wear them around the house for just a few minutes.

Do you think that a bootfitter could really get these boots to work for me, or should I just give up and put them on Ebay?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Where don't they fit? Instep, ball of foot, sixth toe? There are a lot of things that can be corrected, and some that can't. When you shell fit, are there obvious points of contact with the shell?
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Hi Cirquerider!

Thanks for your reply. I feel a hot spot on both boots on the top and outside of each foot. Most of the discomfort lies in the toe area. My toes are smashed against the inside of the liners; especially my long 2nd toes. I know that these are great boots though, so if you think that they can be worked with, I'll probably spend the money on a good boot fitter.

Your help is most appreciated!!!


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Well, gee, you sure have small feet, and you are shell fitting a solid 2-sizes smaller than your measurements. Sounds like the length is OK, but you are tight on the boot volume (height). I'm thinking you might be a 24 in this boot, but I'm not remotely an expert. There are ways of expanding the toe box and getting some width, but if these truely hurt, I would upsize. A 24 is the next shell size up. I wouldn't hurt to talk with a bootfitter in your area to get an opinion if these are worth working with. You probably won't be charged until actual work is performed. He may recommend other models that are amenable to adjustments, or suitable for your foot shape.

Finally, ask your question in Jeff Bergerons thread in ski gear discussion. Be sure to follow his formatting (explain problem, number your questions).
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Can you really tell by just wearing them around the house? I've never really been able to tell very good. When you're on your skis, your natural inclination should be to lean forward which will seat your heel much more firmly than just walking around. That bit of difference might be enough. Also, consider getting new, thinner liners. Finally, Cirquerider was right on - check out Jeff Bergeron's thread.
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Yep. You have to flex them to get the heel into the pocket.
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You have probably thought this part through by now .... how thick are the socks that you have been wearing them with?

Have you tried yanking the stock footbeds out to check the volume?
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The heel pocket in the Hiperfit liner takes a little time to pack out... Did they heat up the liners to help conform them to your feet in the store? People have mixed feelings about this, but it helped my fit tremendously. To help get the heel into the pocket, they put a 2x4 under the toes to drive the heel back.

What type of boot were you skiing on before?
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