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Salomon Scream Hot, Xtra Hot, and Srambler limited, 05 model

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I have searched around the forum for info and experiences on the 2005 Solomon Scream Hot, Xtra Hot, and the Scrambler Limited but have not found much. I am searching for a new ski for my father. He is 6', 190lbs, and an advanced level 2 that only goes up when there is at least some powder left in the trees. He skis Brighton, Utah so the snow is pretty light and fluffy and minimal ice. I found a place locally that is selling these at a decent price.

Unfortunately, I had the displeasure to ski the Scream Hot (single chili pepper) 185cm today. It’s a loaner while the shop that botched mounting my other skis finds me a new pair. This is the worst ski I have used this season. The others I have demoed were the K2 Apache Recon, Rossi Bandit B2, Volkl Unlimited AC3, and the Head Mojo 90. I found the Scream Hot to be very forgiving which was nice, but most noteworthy of its bad traits were the difficulty carving (the tails just want to skid out at the beginning of a turn) and it’s significant instability while straight lining hard pack while not on edge (usually when coming back to the lift). It is even worse than the Head Mojos! It also did not seem to want to always bust through the chopped powder as easily as the others unless you put a whole lot more effort into them and that still did not always work. The conditions were as follows: 6 inches fresh, not champagne powder but not very heavy either, with an easily carvable hard pack underneath. I am 6'6", 200lbs, level 8-9 and fairly aggressive.

Finally, to the question, how will the Xtra Hot and Scrambler Limited ski in comparison? I know the Xtra Hot has a wood core and the Scrambler Limited has a foam core, but do not know for the Hot, but suspect wood. Also, I remember hearing about problems that Salomon used to have with its foam core. Are they still? Right now, if I was to recommend a ski to my father after my experiences today, it would not be a Solomon. Thoughts or recommendations?
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Don't write off all Salomon skis. I'm not a big Salomon fan and am suspicious about their foam cores, however the foam core Salomon GC is one of the absolute best skis I've demoed in the past few years. Very difficult to find though. I was shocked when I looked to demo it again in Summit County a few months ago. I went to a dozen shops and nobody even heard of it - very lame.

You do confirm my fears though about the skis I'll be dragging out to Vail next week. I just picked up the Scream Limited's at an el cheapo price and had already convinced myself that I'll probably hate them, even before reading your post. I'm hoping they surprise me but I'll have back up skis in case they're as crappy in heavy cut up snow as I expect them to be.

Still, a week in Vail on a crappy ski will be better than the alternatives in most of the East right now.
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I have a pair of Salomon Scream Pilot 10 (1 yr prior to the Hot series). I'm a feather weight guy (142 lbs). The skis are fun but not very lively. I had some friends who demoed the Hot and said teh same. For Utah powder and the conditions you described I recommend the B3's or B4's by Rossignol. A true all mountain ski, very Lively and responsive. I bought a pair of B4's this year after I demoed them in Jackson Hole in all kinds of conditions...But, that is just MHO.
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Well, i let my father try them out today with 7 inches fresh and he loved them. More so than the K2 apache recon's he demoed not long ago. I guess he and i just ski differently cause i wouldn't use them but as long as he gets what he likes, that's all that really matters. Thanks for the input guys.
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