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brand em"

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I was thinking about the office the other day and being a gubberment orifice, we have all kinds of "types".

In a gubberment orifice, you constantly live in fear of offending a particular "protected species" (457 at last count).

In the office and here on Epic ... so we don't offend or ailenate or dis-empower or dis-enfranchise any of the "stakeholders" .... we should all have a sign or series of codes that define exactly the appropriate parameters of social, political, social, ethnic comments (etc.) that may be expressed.

Face it, we are a "diverse" culture here and there are just too many entities for me to keep track of .... PSIA, SAM, PMS .... Publicans and Anarchists .. ACLU'ers and Bears oh my!

A simple "tag" or brand on each critter would ensure harmony.

In the Epic "village" ..

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You'll brand me over my cold, dead...
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I guess "branding" was a harsh and un-pc word.

Develop a more prominent and displayed profile .... nah ... that's a bad word too!

I'll let the fire go down since this ...
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The issue with branding people is that it grants us a shortcut to stereotyping: "Oh, ssh is a PSIA guy, therefore he must think that all skiers should learn a wedge progression." That's the downside. The upside is, "Oh, ssh is a PSIA guy, he must at least think a little bit about the technical details of skiing..." Given the tone around here lately, I fear the former would be more commonly applied...
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I am the registered owner of the JR brand, if anyone wants to be branded. It's a horse brand though, so please put on a long face for the inspector.
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Long in the tooth too?
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How bout tatoos? Just let me get a liittlleee bit drunk first.
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I agree with ssh.

I am easily stereotyped. When it's difficult to stereotype me, people have tried very hard to do so, by asking me certain questions that would categorize me. It's not a good thing, one cannot judge a book by its cover, and all that!
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I am married Yuki, which is like branding but more painful and permanent. Once is enough, thank you very much.

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I can be branded as the mod who doesn't ski on Metrons...
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There goes My theory on the selection process.
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Originally Posted by comprex
There goes My theory on the selection process.
It confused the hell out of me too...
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The token non-Metron skiier. We had to do it.
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dchan skis on Solomon. : Have you all forgotten?
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dchan isn't a moderator. He's bigger than that.
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MG skis AT.
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"Lifts are for sissies" - Motto of the Eastern Nevada Rock Skiers Association!
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How many moderators are there now ... ??
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437. My goal is 1256.
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My favorite brand is the Lazy SOB
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It's taken ... ask my wife.

I think she bought the rights from my first wife.
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