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2003 Head skis online!!!!

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Hey guys, I just visited the www.head.com and the 2003 Intelligence skis just came online today!! There's some pretty sweet looking boards there!
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I'm in love.. : I want a pair of the 2003 I.C 200 in a bad way. That ski looks amazing! 121-66-106 -> 12m / 170cm :

Anyone have any predictions on how this new intelligence system will work? Anyone lucky enough to try them yet? Didn't K2 try to pull something similar off a couple years ago with their "Smart Ski"?

All I have to say is that the skis look damn interesting to me, even with out the techno gadgetry, if it actually makes a difference than that's a fantastic bonus!
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pant pant pant....

want iRace, want iRace...
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A couple of early reviews (Keelty and others) say this newest techno-ski actualy does work and works remarkably well. Be interesting to see if the big ski rags actually sit up and take notice of this since it's not coming from the Volkl/Rossi/Atomic camp.
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I skied on the new heads at tremblant in February and have been skiing on the irace slalom and monster 70 since then. I just got back from Sugarbush where I used them all week on ice, slush and rock.Sugarbush claims sixty five runs open. they must count by fives.
Anyway, the monster is the best all around ski I have ever used. I have been skiing on the world cup slaloms for the past two seasons and loved them but the monster is better all around and almost as good on ice.
Inthe slush and crud it is fantastic
The intelligence system is not really noticable except on the ic 300 chip ski. You can actually feel it stiffen midturn, which is a strange sensation.
I did not ski much on the ic 200 but a guy I ski with brought it to Sugarbush for the week. He also skis on the wc slaloms and is going to change next year to the ic 200.
also have skied on the irace carver and race stock GS skis, but prefer the slalom. It is good in the slalom course but also good at GS. Even at 170cm I have not reached a speed where they feel unstable.
If you are looking for a SL carver try next years Fischer WC, it has gone back to sandwich construction.
The other surprising SL ski, perhaps the most stable of all, is the new Elan SL. I skied this at Tremblant in a 154cm, and I am 6'1 190lbs, and it was super stable.
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It looks like this years XP line nerded out.
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I'll be getting my Head Worldcup i.SL skis today. After the weekend I'll be able to tell everybody how they work for sideslipping courses, standing on the hill, and skiing with bundles of gates. I'll probably have a good idea how durable the topsheets are after a bunch of kids ski over them too.
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The secret is getting out.

Now how long have I been telling you boys about Head's?

And yes, those new Intelligence skis rock!

Pretty soon, you'll all be on Dalbello's too.

Shouldn't I be getting paid for this?

Cheers to all,
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I skied my 160 cm Head Worldcup i.SL skis this weekend. I didn't get much time on them but they are smooth and stable. I was skiing at white Pass so there wasn't any hard snow or ice to try them on. Real stable and predictable.
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