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Great thread. Other than Paul Richelson in Plymouth, any recs for NH/Vermont area technician who'll be just as happy working on boots not purchased at his shop? Salomon plugs in particular.
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Bootfitter's Name: Patrick Cosentini
Store Name: Cosmos Custom Footwerks
Store Address: *** new location *** 10015 Palisades Dr. Truckee, CA
Phone Number: 530-587-5424
Additional Comments: Moved his Tahoe city store to Truckee. He also makes the most awesome quality custom Junior golf clubs for an unbeatable price. Yes, he measures the kid & makes the clubs to fit.
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Can anyone recommend a good bootfitter in the Portland, OR area?
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Bootfitter's Name: Gordon Hay
Store Name: Bob Smith's Wilderness House & Solesytems, Inc
Store Address: 1048 Comm Av, Boston; or 270 Babcock (private lab)
Phone Number @ Bob Smith's : 617 232-1399
Phone Number @ Solesystems: 617 782-7303
Phone Number: 617-277-5858; or 617-782-7303 (private lab) www.solesystems.com
Additional Comments:

Gordon is doing (Aline systems) and has not been at this location for some time.
Bob Smith's Wilderness House is now Jo Jones Wilderness House the locatin is the same. I got them on the 617 277 5858 # very helpful on the phone both calls i explained i was coming from out of town and was told it was best to come on Saturday "although they don't stretch or grind on weekends or apparently when the customer is there", you leave your boot 2 or 3 days. when i got there they were helpful and told me that they had 4 boot fitters there. i asked for there best one, i hope thats not who i got. first they tried to sell me on some of there boots atomic and tecneca was suggested. I could not buckle the atomics in a 28. they did not have them in a my size 27 for comfort nice try. I bought my boots after trying on 10 or 12 boots over the last 2 years. all that was offered for a custom foot bed was Gordon's Aline System align.com not my idea of a custom foot bed but i try to be broadminded they use plastic screw in caps for heal alignment. In conflict to Alines web sit I was told i would not need to get used to the beads Aline.com is clear it tacks a time to get used to them. then the kid bakes the boots & liners and puts the inserts in the wrong boot left right swap. I can leave the boots for a stretch after i ski them, i dont know if i will.
i would not recommend this shop for alpine boot fitting.
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can someone recommend a bootfitter in the Missoula, Mt area? I'm really in the bitterroot but can make it to Missoula, and Kalispell area fairly easily?
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Another vote for Jeremy at Ski Tek in SV

Bootfitter's Name: Jeremy Hickey
Store Name: Ski Tek
Store Address: 191 Sun Valley Road, Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Phone Number: 208-726-7503
Additional Comments:

Echoing a previous vote for Jeremy. Both my girlfriend and I had great results from our visit to Ski Tek this last weekend. Despite his relatively young age, he is one of the most knowledgable bootfitters I have met.
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Dave Newman,, Avon, CT

The best bootfitter in the central CT area, now at Ski Market in Avon, CT.

Avon Ski Market
195 West Main Street Plaza 44
Avon, CT 06001
Phone: 860-677-2186

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Originally Posted by AC View Post
A link to this thread will always be available in the EpicSki "Gear Info" page.

Compilation of Bootfitting Masters

These are, according to the person(s) making the recommendation, not merely "good" bootfitters, but exceptional ones. The list is organized alphabetically by State / Province.

This list has been compiled by submissions from EpicSki members who have had direct, personal experience with those whom they have recommended. The username of the EpicSki member who made the recommendation is listed in front of his/her comments at the bottom of each submission (with a link to his/her profile). No one here has paid to be listed, or is in any way affiliated with EpicSki.

Additional submissions may be made by clicking on "Reply" -- be sure to use the template at the bottom. Only EpicSki members (not shops themselves) may submit. You are also welcome to add additional comments to those already listed.


America's Best Bootfitters, from the people at MasterFit U -- An excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about bootfitting and bootfitters:


Bootfitter's Name: JD HARE (1 recommendation for JD, the other just generally for the store)
Store Name: Snowcovers
Store Address: Whistler near the IGA supermarket
Phone Number: 604 905 4100 Fax 604 905 4101 Toll free 1 888 905 4100
Email: Whistler@snowcovers.com
Website: www.snowcovers.com
Additional Comments:
worlfishnski: These guys take a lot of pride in their work. As in any place, they have two experts and the rest are in a kind of apprenticeship. They do the fitting for the BC ski team as well as several members of the Canadian Team and a lot of the locally based competitive extreme skiers.
Nettie: JD was professional enough when I went looking for new boots to reccommend one they did not sell. It was the only boot he wanted to put my feet in but due to technical reasons the shop were not stocking that brand of boot in the 2001/2 season.
He advised me where to buy the other brand, which model, and liaised by phone with the vendor. We then agreed a price on fitting for the season. Within two fits the boots were stunningly comfortable. Only two more fits during the season were needed to take into account wear.
I have difficult feet: wide, high instep, thick and damaged ankles. JD is excellent at 'blowing' difficult areas like toes. The canting work was good too.
I recommendeded the store to all my friends and not one was disapointed.

Bootfitter's Name: Christian Denis, Bob Campbell
Store Name: Elite Feet at Squaw Creek Sports
Store Address:400 Squaw Creek Road, Olympic Valley, CA 96146 (north Shore, Lake Tahoe - Squaw Valley)
Phone Number:580-581-6637 www.TahoeEliteFeet.com
Additional Comments:
AC: Tell them you heard about them on EpicSki and they'll take very good care of you (appointments are a good idea). These guys are fantastic and know what they are doing. Their client list includes some of the best skiers in the word (Johnny Moseley, Darron Rahlves, Kent Kreitler, etc).
Powdigger: These guys are great. They are laid back but know their stuff. They have fit many of the freeride pros and US Ski teamers. The did my feet right. I got the cork footbed and they have really helped my skiing. They have great arch support without sacrificing comfort.

Bootfitter's name: Patrick Cosentini
Shop: Owner/operator: Cosmo's Custom Footwerks
Phone (530)581-5404
Location: Tahoe City, Lake Tahoe
Lostboy: Pat or "Cosmo" is very knowledgeable, takes the time to do things right, has more boot fitting equipment and tools than any shop I've ever been in.

Bootfitter's Name: Claude Swonger
Store Name: Ski Net Sports
Store Address: 11378 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles (Studio City), CA 91604
Phone Number: 818-505-1294
Additional Comments:
G.Law A nationally recognized boot fitting and alignment specialist. I took my 16 year-old daughter to see Claude for custom footbeds and alignment. He spent about two hours with us and was happy to explain every step of the process. His web site also has a nice series of photos and descriptions of each step. www.skinetsports.com
Dan the bump man: G.Law above mentioned Claude at Skinet(see his post for info) Just thought I would add my 2 cents. I used to work at a ski shop for 2 years, and they did boot fitting. But not like Claude!! This guy is an artist. Highly reccomend him. He does more than just make a foot bed, he determines the best boot for your foot, ski style, weight, ski level, experience, and more. Trust me, most ski shops sell you what they want to sell you, or don't truly know how to size a boot to your foot. Claude does.
Arty50: Claude is incredible. At the recommendation of my sister (she's a top notch expert), I went in to pick up a new pair of boots. I've had problems in the past finding just the right pair, mostly due to the fact I have size 12 1/2 feet with high arches. So the constant annoyance of ill fitting boots has really held back my skiing. So I went to see Claude and was thoroughly impressed. He knows what boots will fit different shapes of feet, takes the time to make sure everything is JUST right, and his footbeds rock. He takes the time to explain how a boot should fit your foot and so you leave not just with a killer set of boots but also with the knowledge of exactly how they should feel. I can't tell you how important this is. The result was the most incredible year of skiing I ever had. I never had to worry about my feet moving around or my toes getting pinched. And the end result was that I could feel everything going on in the ski and really fine tune my skiing. It just openned up so much terrain for me.

Bootfitter's Name:Mikey and Ron
Store Name: Ranch Craft Ski Shop
Store Address: 4620 Alvarado Canyon Road, San Diego, CA, 92120
Phone Number: (619) 280-0304
Additional Comments:
MelloBoy: I had my custom corks done at this shop by Mikey this past season. He's a very patient and friendly gentleman with a great sense of humor. If something won't work, such as a boot being too narrow or wide, he's straight to the point. Ron did the fine tune adjustments of my boots after skiing on the corks for a few days. Had some problems with the instep, but was able to adjust with grinding the footboar a bit. He is also very knowledgeable in stance alignment.

Only Alpine skishop in San Diego that I'm aware of aside from the sporting good stores.

Bootfitter's Name:Jeff Bergeron
Store Name: Boot Fixation
Store Address: 127 South Main Street (Inside Norway Haus), Breckenridge, CO
Phone number: 970-453-8546
E-mail: jeff@bootfixation.com
Additional Comments:
Bob Barnes: Very knowledgeable and professional!
Tag: My wife's boots were giving her such pain she was ready to quit skiing until a friend in Summit County pointed us to Jeff. Jeff does more than just get the boot to fit your foot. He also checks your entire alignment and will even come to ski with you to make sure his adjustments are working to assist your skiing.

Bootfitter's Name: Bob Gleason
Store Name:Boot Doctors
Store Address:Inn at Lost Creek, Mtn. Village Telluride CO
Phone Number: (970)728-8954
Additional Comments:
dchan: Great work, relaxed environment. Honest opinions. In our group of 24 skiers/boarders 14 had boots fitted or purchased boots. of the remaining 10, 6 of us already had gotten our boots fitted by very good fitters and were not in need of fitting. Sister shop in Taos www.bootdoctor.com

Bootfitter's Name: Lee
Store Name: The Custom Foot
Store Address: He operates out of Mountain Miser in Englewood, CO - On Hamden and Broadway.
Phone Number: 303-761-4002
Additional Comments:
nopainnojane: I have worked with The Custom Foot for 6 years now and have been completely satisfied. He does not sell boots, but does bootfitting, custom liners, and footbeds.

Bootfitter's Name: Jacques Thomas
Store Name: Le Ski Lab
Store Address: Winter Park, CO
Phone Number: 970-887-3085
Additional Comments:
SCSA: Jacques has been around Winter Park for at least 25 years. He's well known around the state as, "The guy in Winter Park". He only sells Dalbello boots with Zipfit liners. Why? Because Dalbello boots are infinitely adjustable and Zipfit liners and the best after market liner out there. Jacques has found a combination that works and that skiers love. He has hundreds (thousands?) of satisfied customers like myself who wouldn't trust their boots with anyone else. If you go see him, make sure you tell him I sent you.

Bootfitter's Name: Harry Martin
Store Name: Steamboat Ski & Bike Kare
Store Address: 1103 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat CO
Phone Number: (970) 879-0569
Additional Comments:
XXXer: Harry is known as the best bootfitter in town by a lot of staff (patrol and instructors) on the mt. as well as members of the Winter Sports Club (race program). He's excellent at finding a good boot for your foot shape/skiing style and fitting it from there. He also makes great custom footbeds, custom foam liners, and is helpful with any alignment issues. Tell him John sent you!

Bootfitter's Name: Brian Eardley
Store Name: Ski Center
Store Address: 4900 Fordham Rd NW (corner of Fordham & 49th), Washington DC
Phone Number: 202-966-4474 or -4475
Additional Comments:
gonzostrike:Brian Beaumont also is a good bootfitter. Both Brians are very patient and detailed, and will work with you until you are satisfied. CAVEAT: You must be willing to spend a number of hours at the shop in order to have propper bootfitting. I used to work with the two Brians at Ski Center. They are top-notch guys, good skiers and very knowledgeable about equipment and bootfitting. As a general rule, Ski Center is very serious about ensuring that its customers receive honest, complete product information, and the best possible product suitability advice.

Bootfitter's Name: Gordon Hay
Store Name: Bob Smith's Wilderness House & Solesytems, Inc
Store Address: 1048 Comm Av, Boston; or 270 Babcock (private lab)
Phone Number @ Bob Smith's : 617 232-1399
Phone Number @ Solesystems: 617 782-7303
Phone Number: 617-277-5858; or 617-782-7303 (private lab) www.solesystems.com
Additional Comments:
GeoffD: Gordon used to be the best boot fitter at Killington.
Jonathan S.: Seeing anyone else in the Greater Boston Metro Area makes no sense, as Gordon is not only an outstanding bootfitter, but also the only competent bootfitter around here.

Name: Linda and Phil Burgess
Store: Ski Stop
Address: 256 Washington St., Westwood, Ma
Telephone: 781/329-3616
Website: www.Skistopmass.com
LisaHardt: People you can trust!

Alignment: The Performance Zone Located on University Drive East of just off of I 75 Auburn Heights, Michigan (Southeast MI)
Alignmen: Specialist: Brian Graham.
wink: Brain well help not only with alignment but boot fitting as well. Sells only the Dallbello boots, because of fit and easily adjustable canting systems. Will work with your boots as well, and has several foot bed alternatives including Fastech products of Troy Michigan.

Bootfitter's Name: Ken Griffen, co-owner and boot fitter
Store Name: Nichols Ski Shops
Store Location: Dearborn and Waterford Michigan
Additional Comments:
wink: Many years ago, a former Salomon Rep. He works with a lot of the high school race teams.

Bootfitters name: Travis Engstrom
Shop: The Chalet Ski & Sports
Location: Bozeman, MT
Phone Number: 406-587-4595

Bootfitters name: Bud Heishman
Shop: Owner/operator Snowind sports
Phone: (775) 323-9463
Location: Reno Hilton, Reno NV.
Lostboy: Bud has an extensive resume including working with the US Ski Team race program. Canting by grinding boot soles is a particular specialty.
Jonathan S.: Strength is in stance alignment, and especially boot sole planing.

Bootfitter's Name: Paul Richelson
Store Name: Feet First
Store Address: Plymouth NH
Phone Number: 800-371-3447
Additional Comments:
Jonathan S.: Paul is very busy the entire year, but is definitely the best bootfitter in the "Ski 93" area. He does not sell boots, which is both a plus (i.e., he is only too happy to work on boots you bought elsewhere) and a minus (i.e., he can provide only limited help in deciding what boots to buy).

Bootfitter's Name: Bob Gleason & Bob Remiger
(He must travel around to his stores since we also have had him fit several times in Taos)
Store Name: Boot Doctors
Store Address: Taos, NM
Phone Number: (505) 776-2489
Additional Comments:
Todd Murchison: When I was working in SW Colorado we would make a pilgrimage down to Taos now and then to get our boots fitted - always top notch work.

Bootfitter's Name: Jeff Rich
Store Name: US Orthotic Center
Store Address: 515 Madison Ave, NYC
Phone Number: 212-832-1648
Additional Comments:
MtSnowman: Surprised I didn't see this name on the list already... Jeff is one of the founders of Masterfit U., the inventor of the InstaPrint footbed, and the technical director for SKI magazine's boot testing team. He is also a certified Pedorthist (one who specializes in orthotics.) Aside from that, he's a nice guy. I guess you can qualify him as a "bootfitting master..." His services are pricey, but I guess that goes with the expertise.

Bootfitter's name: Scott Holmer
Shop: Owner/operator The Race Place
Location: Bend Or.
Ph. (800) 814-7223
Lostboy: Scott is the creator of the BEAST line of tuning equipment. He has an extensive race oriented background including a son and daughter who have excelled at ski racing.

Bootfitter's Name:Leon
Store Name:Austrian Ski Shop
Store Address:4942 Cote Des Neiges, Montreal, Quebec
Phone Number:514 733-3336
Additional Comments:
exnyerinmontreal : These guys have been in business for 35 years, starting out as a shop specifically for racers. They have an excellent selection of boots, know their stuff when it comes to recommending and fitting, and they have excellent prices to boot (no pun intended). If you're in or through town to ski Tremblant, I highly recommend you check them out if you're in the market for equipment.

Bootfitter's Name: Paul Huber
Store Name: Deep Powder House
Store Address: Alta Lodge, Alta, UT
Phone Number: 801-742-2400
Additional Comments:
dchan: Great work, Quick service. Good evaluation before work.
I had previous footbeds and had fittings done at another location. They looked at my current FB and made no changes. They explained why it was well made and did not need changing and proceeded to check other things out and work with me on my problems.
Worked on ramp angles as well as alignment.

Bootfitter's Name: Steve Bagley
Store Name: Superior Ski ( 2nd level of Snowbird center, turn left getting off the elevator or stairs)
Location: Snowbird, UT
dp: Steve is the best bootfitter I have ever dealt with. He even sent me to a competitor to buy my Flexons when he didn't have them in stock because he was sure they would be the best boot for me (he was right). Very highly recommended. Does all kinds of custom work and great footbeds.

Bootfitter's Name: Scott Thompson
Store Name: Green Mountain Orthotic Lab, The First Run Ski Shop
Store Address: Stratton Mountain Village, Stratton Mountain,VT
Phone Number: 1-802-297-4405
Additional Comments:
gashw: Founders of Masterfit U. Web site: <http://www.gmolfoot.com/>

Bootfitter's Name: Ray and Curt
Store Name: Basin Ski Shop
Store Address: Killington, Vt
Phone Number: 802 432-3234
Additional Comments:
GeoffD: Very wide line of boots including Strolz for the worst fit problems. Largest shop in Vermont so they have good inventory. They get very busy on weekends so pick an off time.

Bootfitter's Name: Dave Strousse
Store Name: Peak Performance
Store Address: Killington, Vt
Phone Number: 802 422-9447
Additional Comments:
GeoffD: Smaller shop with great service. Racer-oriented and competitive bump skier oriented from family connections to Killington Mountain School.

Bootfitter's Name: All Staff
Store Name: Green Mountain Orthotic Lab
Store Address: Stratton (adjacent to the lodge and lifts!)
Phone Number: 802-297-4405
Additional Comments:
Jonathan S.: Very expensive, but very cutting edge, and also right next to the lifts, with an integrated fitting/instruction program.

Bootfitter's Name: All Staff (but especially Ray)
Store Name: Basin Ski Shop
Store Address: Killington Access Road (very close to the ski area, on the right-hand side, driving toward the ski area)
Phone Number: 802-422-3234
Additional Comments:
Jonathan S.: Killington has some other good bootfitters, but Basin is the best.

Bootfitter's Name: All Staff
Store Name: Inner Bootworks
Store Address: Stowe Access Road (fairly close to the ski area, on the left-hand side, driving toward the ski area)
Phone Number: 802-253-6929
Additional Comments:
Jonathan S.: Stowe has some other good bootfitters, but Inner Bootworks is definitely the best.

Bootfitter's Name: Jim Mates
Store Name: Custom Boot Service
Store Address: 6500 4th Ave NW Seattle (Phinney Ridge Area)
Phone Number 206) 297-9298
Additional Comments:
NordtheBarbarian: Jim's only business is ski boot aligment, bootfitting and insoles. In the summer he works at Mt. Hood with racers on snow (coaching and alignment). His customers included a lots of racers (including USST members) and instructors.


Additional Submissions

For additional submissions, reply below. Only EpicSki members may submit, and you must have direct, personal experience with the bootfitter(s) you recommend.

<u>Only</u> submit exceptional bootfitters, not merely "good" ones. You are also welcome to add additional comments to those already listed.

PLEASE list individual bootfitters (not just shops) if at all possible. I will list a general shop submission in a region ONLY if there are no specific individual bootfitter submissions for that region.

Please include (copy and paste this list in your reply)...
Bootfitter's Name:
Store Name:
Store Address:
Phone Number:
Additional Comments:

Note: Periodically I will take the additional submissions from replies below and place them in the proper location above. Then I'll delete the reply in which it was submitted.
Bootfitter's Name:PJ Dewey
Store Name:RaceStock Sports
Store Address:Main St, Waterbury, Vt
Phone Number:802-578-3585
Additional Comments:PJ used to be the World Cup boot tech for Lange. He sells Langes, Nordicas, Fisher, and Rossignol, but will also work on any other boots. I've known and used several great bootfitters, but PJ has one of the best eyes I have seen.
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Bootfitter's Name:cam powell
Store Name:sporting life, collingwood location
Store Address:222 hurontario st. collingwood, ontario
Phone Number:705.445.3773
Additional Comments:cam is a wiz. been in the business for over 30 years, travels around with the ontario and canadian national team doing bootwork and such. he's also a 3/3 if im not mistaken, so he really "gets" it.
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shon is the best bootfitter

Bootfitter's Name:Shon Racicot
Store Name: Boot Pro
Store Address: Ludlow VT just at turn off from 103 to Okemo
Phone Number: 802-228-BPRO (2776)
Website: http://www.thebootpro.net
I just got boots fit by Shon, he was the awesome fitter at Northern Ski Works but this year set up his own shop and I've got tricky feet, one too narrow in the heel and with a prominent ankle bone. All this week he's been working on my new boots and so kind, as are the other fitters with him Dino and Matt. They are well worth the trip...
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My experience with Brian Eardley (Ski Center, DC)

In 2 words - not good.

After reading recommendations on this forum I decided to go to the Brian Eardley for heat molding my new Krypton Pro Ids. Over the phone Brian said it will be $100 for molding. Kind of steep, but I decided to try it. When I asked about alignment he told me it will be another $100 and remarked that the boots don't have any adjustments. When I said that I thought Krypton Pros where pretty adjustable boots, he said that it is not so, they have only very basic adjustments. After that he said me that he doesn't want to work on boots he didn't sell. I think I should have taken the hint. And, BTW, I tried to buy the boots at the Ski Center earlier, but they said they didn't have the model and didn't want to order them for me. But anyway, we made an appointment, 1PM next Thursday.

Next Thursday I arrived to the shop and met the Brian. He looked at my boots, told me to remove my shoes, turned his back to me and got on the phone. Then for about 20 minutes he discussed with someone his recent trip to Stowe, his coming trip to Straton, problems he had in soft snow etc. He even mentioned he had a customer waiting and continued conversation not even looking at me. After 20 minutes I got my shoes back on, took my boots, said good by and left. When I said good by he looked at me and continued his conversation.

Overall - 1.5 hours wasted.

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I got my new impact pros fitted perfectly by Claude Swonger last week. I spent one and half hour in his shop. He did custom orthotics and gave me few tips how to use the buckles in order to keep my heel in place. I can recommend this gentleman to anyone without thinking twice. He is an exceptional bootfitter in my book.

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Originally Posted by jenk View Post


Bootfitter's Name:Shon Racicot (pronounced "Rass-i-coh")
Store Name: Boot Pro
Store Address: Ludlow VT just at turn off from 103 to Okemo
Phone Number: 802-228-BPRO (2776)
Website: http://www.thebootpro.net
I just got boots fit by Shon, he was the awesome fitter at Northern Ski Works but this year set up his own shop and I've got tricky feet, one too narrow in the heel and with a prominent ankle bone. All this week he's been working on my new boots and so kind, as are the other fitters with him Dino and Matt. They are well worth the trip...


 Hell yeah!  I went up to see them to get my new boots fitted and ended up getting a whole lot more than I bargained for for a whole lot less than I anticipated spending.  My boots- Lange Freeride 130s and he couldn't have cared less that I didn't buy the boots from him.  Race-fit-tight, but on my left foot my freakish second toe made the boot just way too small.  Also I have a narrow heel, rediculously pronounced ankle bones on both feet and my arches are almost non existent.  He stretched my toe box and both insteps for $50.  WOW!  Also it came with the guarantee that if for any reason those spots needed to be stretched a little bit farther once I skied in them, he'd do it for free.  Also, I ended up getting custom molded footbeds which was a very interesting process to say the least.  He has a machine that looks kinda like one of those foot massage machines in the mall-  two flat rubber sandbags that you stand on that use vacuum and vibration to mold then hold your foot shape.  So you stand on it, he flips it on, you sink in, he turns on the vac and VOILA!  Perfect imprint of your feet.  Then he hand-applies a smoking-hot footbed and has you stand on it again just to make sure it's properly molded.  Then he traces your feet and applies the proper amount of filler beneath- and now you've got yourself some seriously sweet footbeds.  $150.  That seems like a real bargain to me! 


Another thing that really impressed me was his willingness to stay late and finish the job.  I drove the 90 mins or so from Springfield, MA to his shop in Ludlow, VT which is kinda far when you're not skiing.  He totally appreciated it and instead of keeping my boots overnight to do the stretching and whatnot, he just said "Have you got some time?"  I replied that I had all night.  "Well go next door to the Blarney and have a couple of beers and come back in 45 minutes".  He and another tech dropped what they were doing and kicked ass on my boots.  By the time I finished my two pints of Guinness and boneless jalapeno tenders, my boots were stretched x3.  His staff ended up staying past their normal closing time to make sure that I was satisfied and didn't have to make the 90 minute drive back out there to pick them back up.  All in all I think I spent about 3 hours there, and never once did they make me feel like I wasn't important or that I was being a nuisance.  I have never been so satisfied with customer service and quality of workmanship in a ski shop in my life.  They really are Boot Pros at the Boot Pro!  All in all, I have three stretches and custom liners for $200.  Kick.  Ass. 


Oh, and they also demo Kastle skis there.  $30 and if you want to buy them, he'll apply your demo charge to the price, which is kinda cool.  Also, he has the new Lange Banshees and the Comp Pros, which are both super sexy boots that got some serious fondlage.  Big selection of Smith Helmets too. 

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Quote Chris719,  "Anyone know of a good bootfitter in Connecticut or North Carolina? "




In   Avon, CT.  Ski Market.  Dave Newman is da man!  He did have is own shop and was a part of the "America's Best Bootfitter" network.

He does a great job of custom fitting and  orthodic insoles.

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Teddy Schiavoni

Summit Ski and Snowboard

1000 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01709

(508) 875-5551

(same store includes SkiMD®, Precision Ski and Snowboard Tuning, i.e., Mike de Santis) 


I have been working with Mike de Santis exclusively for ski tuning for several years now.  Recently Mike turned me on to owner Teddy Schiavoni's bootfitting services. 


I have classic problem feet - over pronated and flat (the right one actually suctions to a smooth wet floor surface and releases with an audible "puck" sound with each step).  From experience, I know that the new boot process is even longer and more exasperating for me than others, and I had been postponing a desired move to a consumer plug boot for years after my peers and fellow competitors took the plunge.  Basically, after the boot fits, I tend to run it into the ground rather than subject myself to "the process".


My trusty Tecnica Icon Carbon Comps were ready for the scrap heap, but fortunately, I decided to give Teddy a go at it.  He "best shell-fit" me in my performance range to a pair of Tecnica Diablo Pro 130s and suggested the Conform'able Comp foamed liner and footbed.  First we did an alignment that showed my left leg to move out 1.5 degrees, but the right to be perfectly neutral.  Teddy planed the left boot to 1.5 degrees inward, then brought the boot height back to match the right boot with a plate and planed the lugs back to neutral. We then went to work on the shells, punching and grinding in many places, followed by a custom molded footbed.


After all initial shell-work was completed, we foamed the new liner.  After a couple of minor tweaks, I am very happy with all aspects of Teddy's work, and thoroughly enjoying my new boots.



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Who is the best boot fitter in Whistler Village B.C.?  I have very difficult feet to fit.  Bunions and Morton's neuroma in both feet.

When you pull the buckles down on the boot, it just kills you, if the fitter doesn't know what he's doing.

Any help please???
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thrillseeker, no one has posted here since febuary..may have been better to ask in the boot pro forum...from what i know (which is not alot about whistler) either Snowcovers or fanatyco have some pretty good guys, but i am sure someone will be along with some names of the local genius
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Bootfitter's Name: Gil Murray
Store Name: Ski Frisco Sports
Store Address: 6875 Main St, Frisco TX 75034
Phone Number:972-377-2200
Additional Comments: Its a small shop on main street in the town. Its what you would expect a ski shop to look like. Gil Murray is the bootfitter there and if you go to the site, skifriscosports.com, you can read about him and his years of industry experience. He was fantastic and spent an hour and half getting the right fit and boot for me. He discussed in detail what he was trying to do and the medical and physics reasons behind everything. I was extremely impressed. We got down to the two best boots before he finally revealed the price. The one i like was 200 more than the 2nd place boot. He asked me is the other one 200 dollars better and i said no and he agreed that it better be a hell of a lot better for 200 bucks. It was pretty much everything you could ask for, knowledge, custom fitting, semi custom soles, and NO pressure to buy a more expensive boot. He just wants you to get the right fit. So if you ever happen to be in Dallas TX take a drive up to Frisco and go see the guys and their shop.
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Had a pair of Scarpa Tornado Pro that needed a little fitting. Stopped by Ski Frisco Sports in Frisco,Texas. My lucky day! I ran into Gil Murray there, the master boot fitter for the store. Gil was professional, courteous and took HIS time to do a custom fit for me. What Gil did NOT know was that I worked as for several years as ski instructor  (Whistler/Grouse) & boot fitter in Vancouver, BC back in the 70/80's (Anyone remember Scott boots ?). I also worked fitting boots in Denver at Cooks on Market St. This guy knows his stuff. He listens to what you say, don't say(important) and patiently adjusts your boots. I was very impressed by his knowledge & highly recommend you pay him a visit if you are in North Texas and have a problems with ski boots or skis. With the short time us flatlanders have on the mountain these days, we cannot afford to waste any time getting custom fitted at the expensive resort prices. When I consider that it costs + $200 per day to ski, lack of comfort is NOT acceptable anymore. Gil you have many Monsta' thanks from both of my toasty feet. Ski Loose.

Ski Frisco Sports
6875 Main St.
Frisco TX 
(972) 377-2200
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Bootfitter's Name: Ben Schumacher
Store Name: Ski Tek
Store Address: 191 Sun Valley Road, Ketchum, Idaho 83340
Phone Number: 208-726-7503
Additional Comments:

I would highly recommend Ben Schumacher at Ski Tek.  There are 2 previous posts recommending Jeremy Hicks.  Jeremy is still at the shop but was not working the day we arrived (I had called prior to our trip to make an appointment - recommended).  Both Ben and Jeremy are certified pedorthists.  My wife and I worked with Ben and he was terrific.  Ben is very knowledgeable and genuinely enthusiastic about boot fitting and helping skiiers have the best experience they can.  He worked with me over the course of three days to tweak the fit on my new boots.  This shop has a great vibe- it's a true skiier's shop and the staff all seem to really care about skiing and helping their customers get their best ski experience.
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I'm looking for some personal recommendations for a good boot fitter in New England. I've seen a few listed here that are in my area, but I'm not sure how up-to-date that info is.


I live in northern MA but I'm willing to make a 2 hour trip to a good fitter. Last year I went to one 3 hours away (which is also listed here), and after skiing a few times it appears that the boot I was sold is simply to small. I wasn't able to go back to get it corrected due to the distance, so I'm hoping I can find someone that is a bit closer.


One of the fitters near me that I've seen here is Paul Richelson from Feet First. He also doesn't seem to sell boots but rather makes adjustments or recommendations?


Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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Scott @ GMOL at Stratton is a reliable one (see OP).

This season, GMOL moved from the old location (First Run) to a new location in Equipe Sports at the base of the clock tower.


Another really good choice I used for a long time (30+ yrs) that's just a bit down the road.


Boot-fitter's Name: Gary Longly
Store Name: The Startingate
Store Address: Route 30, Bondville, VT 05340 (About 1 mile from Stratton Access Road)

Phone Number: 208-726-7503


BTW, Greg & Scott of GMOL came from The Startingate. 

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Granite Chief Shop, Gunnar  state of the art of bootfitting, custom insoles

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Jeff Bokem is a certified pedorthist. I had him do some work on boots and they skied a lot better after I had him work on them. I don't think he sells boots but I think he works with a local shop. His business name is Profile Orthotics. I think he works out of both Concord, NH and a place up by Sunday River. Several folks on Alpine Zone have worked with Jeff and reported they were very pleased. Concord should certainly be in your range. I bought new boots last fall and worked with Dan up at Stan and Dan's in N. Conway. Probably out of your range but I was very impressed with Dan and wouldn't hesitate going back to him. Green Mountain Orthotics at Stratton has a very good reputation, might be within a couple of hours depending on where you are in Northern MA.

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I suppose I should have been more specific as "Northern MA" is pretty vague. I live on the Northshore, so I'm pretty close to NH and unfortunately not too close to the big resorts in Vermont.


Concord, NH therefore is probably my first choice. I'll try Jeff, thanks for the suggestions. It's probably good that he doesn't sell boots as I'm hoping he can fix the ones I bought last season.


North Conway also wouldn't be that bad, as I ski in that area a couple times each year.

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Bootfitter's Name: Larry Houchen
Store Name: Larry's Boot Fitting
Store Address: 2709 Spruce Street Boulder, CO 80302

Store Website: www.larrybootfitting.com
Phone Number: 303-402-6733
Additional Comments: He's been fitting boots for 30 years. Haven't worked with him directly, but he's been recommended by a few of my dad's old ski buddies (70s hotdog competitors/ski bums) that have lived out here, as well as many people I've bumped on the slopes of Colorado. People fly in all over the country to work with him and he fits Olympians and CU ski team members. Alpine Base and Edge right next door also does some of the best tuning in the country (as well as offering free tuning clinics).


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Bootfitter's Name: GREG PIER
Store Address: 65 RT 23 PEQUANNOCK,NJ 07866

Store Website: www.heinosskiandcycle.com
Phone Number: 973-696-3044 


If you are around New Jersey, this is one person you need to see for anything dealing with boots, or racing.

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Originally Posted by Silence View Post

I suppose I should have been more specific as "Northern MA" is pretty vague. I live on the Northshore, so I'm pretty close to NH and unfortunately not too close to the big resorts in Vermont.


Concord, NH therefore is probably my first choice. I'll try Jeff, thanks for the suggestions. It's probably good that he doesn't sell boots as I'm hoping he can fix the ones I bought last season.


North Conway also wouldn't be that bad, as I ski in that area a couple times each year.

Dunno if it's much closer to you, but Strand's in Worcester does great modification work.  If the boots are significantly too small, though, they may not be salvageable.

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Wanted to post my experience with boot fitting at Roundhouse Sports in Bozeman.


I know I am special case - so this is not to slam Roundhouse but to give 411 to any who come after me looking for above average expertise in fitting.


I have orthotics of about 16% arch support, Pronation of the outer foot, supination of the heel with a larger Varus (tilting of the foot off center). All of which causes alignment, balance, stress point issues.  Obviously I am looking for some expert assistance. 


I worked with a young man for about 1.5 hours.  He was very polite and personable to work with.  If I was a typical client I think he would have been able to help me find some boots.  (In a retail - "I ski and have had some training on selling boots"  way.)


He measured the length of one foot.  He then asked me if I had narrow, medium or wide feet.  No measurements.  It old him my history, orthotics, pronation, etc...  I asked about custom foot beds and liners.  With a nod of the head (but no response or information about custom liners/beds) he grabbed 2 pairs of boots and we were off.     


We tried on 6-pairs, each of which would not work "out of the box".  This is no surprise with my issues.  Some vice gripped my feet at the width.  Some bore painfully into my ankles (remember poor alignment).  He disappeared down stairs a couple of times to talk to the techs.  Each timing promising that if I bought the boot they could "punch out" the troubling spot.


I left without boots.  It is hard to buy something that does not feel good.  Yes it can be punched, but of course once it is punched - it is mine for life.   Hard to take that gamble.


I need to find someone with the expertise and skills to take measurements and observations of my feet.  I did not find this at Roundhouse.  It was much like a retail shoe buying experience.


Again, not to slam the Roundhouse.  I have been a client and enjoy the shop and people.  I just wanted to provide a review for others in the area.


If anyone can recommend a Bozeman, MT area expert I would love to here it!

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