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Thx bjtuna , i'll see how far that is. What were you charged?. You can pm me the details if you would prefer. I am just wondering ,i need it anyway so i will be going somewhere regardless of costs
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(first post!)

I can highly recommend PJ Dewey at Race Stock Sports in Waterbury, Vermont. The man has tons of real world experience at the top of the competition game. He toured with the US Team on the World Cup for years as their Lange technician...his wall has many letters of thanks from all the great Lange skiers on the Team. It's cool to see Darren's note of personal thanks to PJ for helping him win. The real deal.

He fit me with the Doberman 150 plug boot that fits so well that when free skiing I just keep them buckled all day, even in the lodge. One or two clicks tighter and they are race ready. I skied exactly 100 days this season.

I'm amazed at how many people drive 4, 5, 6 or more hours for his services. I was there when a family of 5 came in for full equipment and service all the way from New Jersey. Three academy kids and mom and dad who raced Masters. PJ even has folks who actually fly in from much farther afield. He comes very well recommended and offers very reasonable prices. He's one of the good guys.


ps. I have no business relationship here whatsoever, just a happy customer.
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Originally Posted by skidbump
Let me add to the list
Keith Holmquist
TELE 518-263-5303

Went way past customer service on my boots and after spendind alot of time ot the shop can say he is a good hearted man and a boot fitting pro.
Wont push product and at a minimal price will fix your old boots.
Custom foot beds and bootfitting in about and hour.
Need to make appointments on week days..
weekends first come first serve.
Tell him Pat Guido sent ya
I have to second Keith, He is a pedorthist, former ski rep, and was a rep for petersen labs(the original ski orthotic company for many years) travelling around the country giving clinics to bootfitters. He's also a masterfit bootfitter. I've seen him work miracles but I've also seen him send people to other stores when he didn't have the boot that would fit the best. Located on the road 1 mile before Hunter Mtn. He is extremely busy on weekends, but takes appts. during the week, so you can get fit, then ski Hunter 5 minutes later. great bootfitter, thorough, yet not that pricey, just loves what he does....
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I will second the nomination of mater boot fitter Keith Holmquist in Upstate - Hunter, NY. Keith knows his stuff. Keith did a great job making my last pair of orthotics. I will be buying my next pair of ski boots from Keith in September.

Keith talents are getting well known in the NY metro area. Call ahead for an appointment. As we get closer to the ski season, Keith's calendar fills up real fast.

Originally Posted by skidbump
Let me add to the list
Keith Holmquist
TELE 518-263-5303

Went way past customer service on my boots and after spendind alot of time ot the shop can say he is a good hearted man and a boot fitting pro.
Wont push product and at a minimal price will fix your old boots.
Custom foot beds and bootfitting in about and hour.
Need to make appointments on week days..
weekends first come first serve.

Tell him Pat Guido sent ya
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Boot fitters

Does anyone have any recommendations for excellent boot fitters in Ontario (big industry, small hills)!


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Ontario Boot fitter

If you are looking in the Toronto area, I have had very good results with Matt Burgy ( Not sure of the spelling) at Sporting Life Sherway Garden Mall. I have recommended him to others that have also had very good results.
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Larry was also featured in the boot review in one of the ski mags (either Ski or Skiing, forget which). Word on the street is that he's going to be open September on weekends, in October, back to regular schedule.
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I would recommend Strands Ski Shop in Wocester, MA.

The biker dude (Leif?) there does a ton of Orthopedic problem, and unusual feet.

I found Ski Boot Nirvana there with Strolz boots. Not very fashionable, they have "Black" (more flexible) and "Red" (Stiff, better performance for me). But they fit the first time you ski. It does take time, took at least 2 hours for me, adn money, $850 three years ago, but I have the best boots I have ever had for my EEE feet.

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Larry was in Skiing I believe. He will be opening Thursday thru Sunday starting this week. I already made an appt with him for the following weekend.
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Master Boot Fitter-Mike Harrington

I ski the womans Pro Tour, a Certified PSIA Instructor by the name of Mike Harrington has been fitting my boots for years, I believe he teaches up at Sunday River Ski Area in Maine, he formerly taught at Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford Massachusetts, he is by far the best boot fitter we have run into on the tour. He lived in Billerica Massachusetts for years, but from what I understand, he has moved up to North Conway NH, so you might want to check out some of the local shops up there to see where he is working now. Believe me, it is well worth your time and effort, this guy is great.
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OK, another one for you. In Europe. (full report being written)

Bootfitter's Name: Steve Rouke
Store Name: FootWorks
Store Address:7 place Edmond Désailloud (opposite the Aiguille du Midi cable car)
Phone Number:+33 (0)4 50 53 46 52
Additional Comments: Full report to follow, but make sure you book in advance - Steve, Seb and Luke all know their stuff.
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If your searching for a boot fitter in Austria try to go to Johann Leitner (clients include Niki Hosp, Checkracer Ivan from this forum)or Herbert Auer. They are both great bootfitters and have many worldcup riders as their clients (skiers and snowboarders) and are nevertheless cheaper than other reknown bootfitters like Strolz. Both used to sell Strolz leather foamed innerboots too. they together developped the Somatec boot concept. I personally only got a boot made by Herbert Auer, who did great fitting to my snowboard hardboots.

Austria (Tirol):

Schuhsport Leitner
Sämerhof 46
A-6621 Bichlbach
0043 (0) 5674 5306

Auer Herbert
Brenner Str 59
6150 Steinach am Brenner
Tel.: +43(5272)6313
Fax: +43(5272)6313-5
Email: info@herbertauer.at
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Originally Posted by ctown View Post
Any good customer boot service in the New York City Area??? Driving within a hour is OK. I know that Princeton ski suck at it
either greg or tony at heino's in pequannock, nj. i deal with greg for all my race stuff and he did an awesome job with my boots even though my feet suck. i personally have never dealt with tony but i watched him do my sister's fitting and he's really good too. greg is better with race stuff, tony is better with recreational.
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Originally Posted by J2R View Post
I was very impressed with the work done last year on my boots by Brian (can't remember the surname) in Fernie, BC. His place is called something like Top Shelf and it's in the Timberline Lodge just below the resort.
His name is Brian Campbell, and he's in the basement of the Griz Inn, just across a small parking lot from the platter lift and the Elk Quad chair. His business partner Donny is a CSIA IV, and they come well recommended by various CSIA and CSCF people. The name of their shop is Top Shelf.

Note that Top Shelf does not fit you to a boot with a standard liner. They now only sell shells (Nordica, Dachstein, some others) with custom foam liners. I have just purchased a pair of foamed Dobermans from them, although they rarely recommend the Doberman. In my case, they also declined to build footbeds, so I have no experience with their footbeds. Brian asked me some detailed questions regarding any pain or pressure points I might be having with my current footbeds, then he examined the footbeds and my stance (in shorts, in and out of the shells) on them, and informed me that he thought my current footbeds were just fine.

In this particular application, he used a Nordica leather lace-up foam liner. He does not recommend actually using the laces, however. He believes lacing the liner to the foot and sliding it in and out of the shell every day is hard on the leather and breaks down the foam. He says I should expect 300-400 days of skiing on the liner if I use a boot dryer instead of pulling the liner out all the time.

As is common, the procedure involved a detailed visual inspection of my feet, lower legs, and knees, measurement of various points on my feet, measurement of the center of the knee joint (not the center of the kneecap, which is not always located midway between the sides of the joint) relative to the foot on the handy-dandy Alignment Measuring Doodad(TM) which most bootfitters have, etc., etc.

To go through the whole drill (foaming, punching/grinding/fitting, sole planing), I stayed in Fernie for three days, just down the hall from the shop. This gave me a chance to ski, analyze, complain, etc. in order to get the boots dialed in before retreating back home, about 3.5 hours away. And yes, despite the foam, one boot has a punch for a very prominent navicular bone on my left foot. Amazingly, despite a 28.5 cm foot in a low volume 27 shell, that's the only punch I needed. I skied with a couple of different wedge combinations taped to the bottom of the boot to determine what felt like an optimal arrangement. The measured value (from the Alignment Measuring Doodad) was the starting point.

The soles are ground 1 degree on the right foot, 1.5 degrees on the left, high side on the little toe side on both right and left. I find this allows me to control both balance and edging more naturally and easily, without having to focus so carefully on each engage and release. To determine this, I made a large variety of carved and "scarved" turns with different wedge combinations on groomed snow, focusing on release/engage with each foot, sensitivity to same, movement to balance, tendency to A-frame, step, chatter, etc. because of poor engagement, release or balance, ease of controlling turn radius through edge angle, ease of controlling turn radius through rotary movements, and ease of controlling turn radius through fore/aft movements. I also did pivot slips, flat-ski spins in both directions, and skiing on just one ski doing turns in both directions.

As is normal with foam, the first runs are, shall we say, intense, especially in a boot like a Doberman. If everything is as it should be, there will be no hot spots, but the lower boot is so tight it feels like you're going to have to go back to the shop and beg for mercy. The foam will "relax" slightly over a few days of skiing, but very little. It helps immensely to stop every couple of runs and pry the boots open for a few minutes. Don't give up! It will get better. It also helps to unbuckle on the ride up.

By the end of the third day, I no longer had to unbuckle every ride. With the punch and the cant, I felt pretty good. Kudos to Brian for getting me into a stiff boot with a stiff liner with a minimum of problems. I'm looking forward to next weekend.
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Benny at Inner Boot Works by Stowe. he did a great job for my wife, Lola and myself. Two buckles up
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Bootfitters Names: Harald Harb, Dianna Rogers, Chris Brown, Rich Messer
Store Name: Harb Skier Alignment Center
Store Address: Downieville, Colorado (Denver/Summit County area)
Phone Number: 303-567-0679 (work by appointment only)
Additional Comments: Clients include U. S. World Cup ski racer Eric Schlopy. Alignment included on-snow assessment. The canting work on my boots made a very positive difference in my skiing--the measurement didn't show much need for canting, but the on-snow assessment did, and the canting worked very well. The footbeds feel great and with them I ski better than with my previous custom footbeds.
Customer comment
Another customer comment

Web site: http://www.harbskisystems.com/alignsvc.htm

Excerpt from their paper presented at the Second International Congress on Skiing and Science, St. Christoph a. Arlberg, Austria, 2000: http://www.harbskisystems.com/icsshsas.htm

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Anybody know of any good boot fitters in Alaska?
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Jackson, NH - Jack Frost Shop

Let me recommend Jack Frost Shop in Jackson NH. Tink is great and Jim Cummings is a Master Fit U-America's Best Bootfitter instuctor. He seems to end up fixing all the problems in the Mt. Washington Valley (including some of my friends who bought at Stan & Dan's) whether you bought there or not.
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Best Boot Fitter in the Laurentians

Bootfitter's Name: Martin
Store Name: Max Ski Service
Store Address: 2047 Chemin du Village, Mont Tremblant, QC
Phone Number: 819-425-3695
Additional Comments:
We have tried so many stores to fit both our ski racing children each with varying degree of success but alway requiring many visits and constant re-adjustments! Martin at Max Ski Service is by far the best boot fitter in the Laurentians and Montreal Region. He is methodical, systematic and does it right the ffirst time! There is no guess work! He and Max, the store owner, do not try to sell only boots they have in stock, but really try to recommend the best boot. If you live in Montreal or visit the Laurentians/Mont Tremblant don't go anywhere else!
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I would like to add yet another recommendation for Scott "Dude" Dudevoir. He is the manager at the Cole Sport store at PCMR. To me, Scott is simply "The Boot God".

Personally, my feet are long, narrow, flat and bony. Working with Scott, I have zero boot pain issues. I can buckle them really tight with no hot spots. This lets me ski more aggressively, and I am not modifying my technique to minimize pain.

His knowledge of ski boots in general is encyclopedic, and he has been fitting boots for many years. That experience really pays off because he knows what works for different types of boot problems.

Another plus is that there is absolutely no "hard sell" on a new pair of boots. My impression is that he knows that if he can fix whatever is causing problems with your current boots, chances are when you decide to buy new ones, you'll come back. A genuine customer service oriented philosophy.

I'm convinced many people ski with such ill fitting boots that they're constantly in pain of some sort. If you are on a skiing vacation it really sucks when your feet hurt on day one and you've got several more days of skiing ahead.

If you are headed to Utah on a ski trip do yourself, your feet and your skiing a favor and give him a call at (435) 649-4600 and have your boots properly fitted. You will be glad you did!

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Another recommendation for British Columbia bootfitters, in Fernie:

Top Shelf Snow Sports:
Brian Campbell and Donny Dion. These guys used to be in Whistler. About 6 or 7 years ago they decide to set up shop in Fernie. They've been featured in Ski Canada and many other ski mags several times over the years.

My wife just got custom fitted in a high end Nordica shell, foam injected liners, soles of the boots planed to correct stance and balance. These guys guarantee this boot for 900 ski days...if you got any problem, you bring them back and they'll correct it. My wife will get about 10 years out of them. For a lot of people they would be the last boot they ever need.
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Gordon Hay doesn't work at Bob Smith's Wilderness House anymore in Boston btw... going over today to check them out and I'll report back how it goes.
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First post despite "trolling" for a while. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere but I can't find an expert bootfitter in the Banff area. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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I work at the ski stop in banff, and think that we do a good job :)



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Please include (copy and paste this list in your reply)...
Bootfitter's Name:Brent Amsbury
Store Name:Park City Pedorthic/Ski Boot
Store Address:1700 Park AVE. Park City, Utah
Phone Number:435.513.0672
Email pcputah@gmail.com
Additional Comments:
Brent is new to Park City but has been in the business for over 20 years. He is the former owner of World Cup Skier Service (Bellevue WA.). He recently moved to Utah for the fantastic skiing and because his wife lives here... I have been a customer of Brents for a number of years. His attention to detail is second to none. His services include complete on and off snow analysis, footbeds made of the usual plastics and foams, not to mention carbon fibre and other space age materials... I have even seen him build boots from the shell on up. Clients include members of the USST, coaches, instructers and the likes of me-check. Go him out
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I thought Brent was already on that list. He is certainly well respected in this circle!
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Anyone know of a good boot fitter in Mammoth? I'd like to get some tweeking done on my Falcon 10's.
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Sven and Jeff still get in here from time to time.
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Hello, anyone out there ever have your boots fitted buy Surefoot?
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Originally Posted by Ski0456 View Post
Hello, anyone out there ever have your boots fitted buy Surefoot?
who? never heard of them?? :
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